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Make a very big fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are very hot right now. And in a strange way they are kind of fun. And extremely easy to make. You just need to get a really efficient bearing. I show you how to make one and I give you some options and ideas for what to get if you want to make your own fidget spinner.

This project also comes with a video you can watch at the bottom of the page.

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The Worlds Biggest Fidget Spinner Large


Quick thoughts and suggestions

A Fidget spinner is really quite a simple little machine. There is only one moving part and it is the bearing in the middle. And the quality of this bearing has a big effect on how well your fidget spinner will work. So try to get a really free-spinning bearing. If you are in a hardware store or a home improvement store and you can test them then go ahead and test them. Spin them and see how freely they move. Try to find one that has ball bearings in it. Those usually work pretty well.

And I haven't tested them but I have heard that ceramic bearing are the best. They are very free spinning with very little friction. So, you might want to give one of them a try if you can get one.

If you want to buy one Amazon does currently have them in a variety of colors and styles:

A Fidget Spinner

Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner

Amazon also has a substantial listing of various bearings that are great for fidget spinners. This one is about an inch in size and ceramic. There are lots of reviews that talk about how good it is for fidget spinners. This is a high performance bearing.

A ceramic bearing

VXB Full Ceramic 608 Miniature Bearing 8x22x7 ID=8mm OD=22mm Width=7mm

You Can purchase something like this to make a spinner. If you want to replace a current bearing in a spinner you have to carefully match all the dimensions otherwise it won't fit.



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Materials and Tools

  • 1 Bearing - For this I am using a cart wheel
  • 2 Sheets of Foam board - Elmer's Acid-Free Foam Boards
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • X-acto knife to cut the foam board


A wheel from home depot

Here is the wheel I purchased from the Home Depot. It has some characteristics that make it perfect for a spinner. First off it spins very freely. That's good. Secondly that black center section doesn't rotate. That is perfect so it can be held while the outer portion spins. Finally you can see there is a nut a bolt holding it to the silver frame of the whole thing. That means it will be easy to disassemble. Let's use it.


The Wheel

It was easy to take apart and here you can see I am testing it again. With that black center section that doesn't spin you can hold it with one hand and spin it with the other.


Drawing out the pattern

I used a protractor to draw out the three arms of the spinner on foamboard. There is an arm at every 120 degrees.


Draw out the hole for the wheel

I used the wheel as a template to draw out the center hole on the foam board.


Draw out the shape

I used a compass to add some more circles and then drew out the whole spinner.


Cut it out

And then cut it out.


Trace a second one

Then I used that piece to trace out a second one.


Glue the two layers together

Then I glued the two layers together. Now we have a double stack. It is stronger and more durable.


Glue the wheel in

I finished it off by inserting the wheel and gluing it in place.


Spin it!

That's it. The World's Biggest Fidget Spinner is done. Give it a try! If you want to see mine in action watch the video below.




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