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Alita Battle Angel sword - part 2

in this part of the tutorial we continue making the Battle Sword.



You end up with seven pieces in total. All of them are straightforward and need no exra work except for this one piece called the saddle.


Cut along those two dashed lines. You are cutting the top layer of paper and the foam. But don't press so hard that you cut through the bottom layer of paper.


Next cut away wedge shaped pieces on each side.





Okay, good job, it looks good. Now finish it by removing that center strip of paper.

Let's Glue it all together.


Next glue on the handles. One on each side of the sword. The butt of the handle matches the butt of the sword.


Fold over the saddle like this.


Then glue it in place like this.


Glue together the two guard pieces and then glue them into the sword.

Ok, we have built the sword. Trim any excess around all the edges of the sword then lightly sand all the edges smooth.


Let's continue and finish it by painting it