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Make the Dawnbreaker from Skyrim


The Dawnbreaker is a popular sword in Skyrim. This is a tutorial showing you how to make one with either cardboard or foamboard. I also added the bulbs from a flashlight to give it a great effect just like the real dawnbreaker.

I have the complete template so you can download it, print it up and use it to make your sword, right here: The Dawnbreaker Template (pdf)

Thanks for coming over from my youtube channel!

I also have the video tutorial at the bottom of this page.


Can you make this project? You sure can! Here is a picture of one made by Gavin. My thanks go to him for sharing the pic with us!



Print up the template and cut out the pieces. Tape together 1,2,3 and 4 to make the large sword. Then tape together A and B to make the handle part.

Trace the templates

Layout your templates on foamboard or cardboard and trace out the patterns. Make three of the large one and make two of the small one.


Glue them together

Then glue or hot glue those five pieces together. The stack is like this from top to the bottom: First a small one, then three large ones, then a small one. That makes five.


Then sand everything smooth to make it look good.


If you are adding a light to your sword then drill a hole in the right spot of the handle (the center) that will be good for your size light.


Now let's make the lighting system. It's actually pretty easy. All I used is this small battery powered flashlight.


There are the two important parts, the battery pack and the light. I added a little switch. You might be able to take the switch out of your flashlight.


Ok, we want the battery pack and switch hidden. So, I took the top layer of foamboard out and drew out lines. The big blue square is the battery pack and the smaller square is the switch.

I dug out the foamboard and inserted those parts right into the handle.I also glued the light into the hole.


Then I ran wires between the batteries, switch and the light. I soldered them so they would hold nice and tight but that is optional.

Now all that remains is to put the top layer of foamboard back on the handle. But, before you do that test the light to make sure everything works right.


That's It! The Dawnbreaker is done!

Here is the video tutorial



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