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Make the Kirkhammer from Bloodborne - Part 2 Starting the build

In this part of the tutorial we start making the hammer and we make the sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Let's build the hammer head


Five pieces of foam

This foam is two inches thick. Cut yourself five pieces. Three of the pieces are 8x24 inches. And two of the pieces are 16x24 inches.



Glue the sheets together

Glue the foam pieces together like this.


Form the hammer head

That's it. Easy enough the make the head of the hammer. Tape it together so it holds while the glue is setting.

The template

Now let's make the handle for the hammer. In the template there are three pages and the parts are labeled one, two , three. Cut those pieces out of the template.


The template

And tape those pieces together like this. From left to right they are one, two and three. This is the template for the hammer handle.

Notice the dashed lines on the template. I am going to show you a couple of options when it comes to those dashed lines.


Trace onto foam

Place that template on foam and trace it. Do two of them.


Indent with a pen

For the dashed lines on the template use a ball point pen or a blunted pencil to draw over them. This leaves an impression on the foam so you can see it and then draw it out on the foam. Press firmly with the pen when drawing these lines out.

These dashed lines show where the sword will be inserted.


Draw out the lines

Because you drew over those dashed lines you can then see the impression on the foam. Draw out those lines on the foam.


Cut the shape

Now cut those handle pieces out. The picture shows one completed. That's good. Don't yet worry about the sword lines. And make two of these.


Measure for the blade

We are going to fit the sword to these pieces. We want it to slide freely in and out. So before finishing the handle pieces let's make the sword.

NextContinue and make the sword



Jewelry saw cleaver

Bloodborne Zinc Alloy Key Chain Key Ring Pendant 12*3.5cm





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