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Craft Foam Knight's Armor

The series of tutorials on the knights foam armor is complete. I have all the pieces:

Helmet, Breastplate, Sabatons, Gauntlets, Greaves, Cuisses, Vambraces, Shoulders and biceps.

And I have also listed here some relevant accessories including shield, sword and scabbard.


The Armor Pieces in this series


Foam Knights Helmet

Make a foam armor Knight's Helmet

I continue in my series of tutorials on how to make armor out of foam. And now we make the helmet. And a neat thing about this helmet is that the visor goes up and down. Make a Foam Armor Knight's Helmet


Foam Vambraces

Make Craft Foam Armor Vambraces (Forearms)

Craft foam is some terrific stuff. You can heat it up and shape it into armor. I show you how in this tutorial and I give you the template to make vambraces. Make Craft foam vambraces



Foam cuisses

Make a Knight's foam armor Cuisses

The cuisses are the upper leg (thighs). And we attach them to the greaves. Easy project and these complete the foam armor knight project. How to make Knights Foam armor cuisses (I give you the template)


Make Gauntlets out of Craft Foam

Foam Gauntlet

Yup! that is craft foam and these gauntlets look terrific. I show you how to make them and I also give you the template which makes it so easy. Print up the template, cut out the pieces and then trace onto craft foam. I have a video tutorial too. Make Gauntlets out of craft foam


Foam Greaves

Make foam armor Greaves

Another piece in the series of foam armor pieces that I am doing. Almost done with the whole set. These are the lower legs and I show you how to make them out of foam yet make them look like metal. Make foam armor greaves

Foam Armor Chest plate

Make a foam armor Chest Plate

I continue in my series of tutorials on how to make armor out of foam. And this chest plate is easy to make yet looks great. Check it out here: Make a Foam Armor Chest Plate


How to Make Foam Armor shoulders and arms

Fun and easy armor making tutorial using craft foam and cereal box cardboard. I give you the template which makes it easy. Make Foam Armor Shoulders and Arms.

Foam Shoulder


Make foam Knight's Armor Sabatons (feet)

I continue in my series of tutorials on how to make armor out of foam. And now we make the Sabatons. Easy to make project and I give you the template with a choice of traditional or gothic style -
Make foam armor Sabatons

Foam armor sabatons


How to make a Sword Sheath out of foam

Make a foam or cardboard weapon and want a good looking sheath (scabbard) to go with it? This is a great looking sheath and you just need a few supplies. How to make a sword sheath

Foam sword sheath


Roman scutum

Make a Roman Scutum

Here is another curved foam board project. Interesting process for easily getting a beautifully curved shield. This is an easy project that looks great. And a terrific companion to my Roman Gladius sword project. Make a Roman Scutum.



Elmers Extra Strong Spray Adhesive

Fast-tack, acid-free spray creates a permanent bond. Features a wide pad nozzle for no-mess application. Applies consistently with no clumping. Does not attack Styrofoam. Dries clear, not yellow, for a clean finished project. Has ergonomic easy-to-grip can.




Foam sheets

Foam Sheets 12"X18" 12/Pkg-Basic Colors



Darice Hook and Loop Strip, 15-Feet, Black


Foam sheet black

Foam Sheet 9"X12" 2mm-Black 10 per pack