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How to Make the Glass Sword from Skyrim


This is a tutorial on how to make the Glass Sword from Skyrim. It is another in my series of skyrim projects. This one is more challenging because we make a rubber mold and actually cast the blade in epoxy resin (easy cast) in two separate halves then we assemble it together.

If you came here from youtube check back tomorrow. I need a little time to make this tutorial.

I also have a video tutorial on how to make this sword. It is at the bottom of the page.

I have a template for this sword right here. It is a rough template though, clean it up a bit before making the wooden parts with it.


The Glass Sword


Things you will need to make this project:

  • Some foam to carve the handle
  • Foamboard or cardboard to make the mold
  • OOMOO 30 Rubber or some kind of casting rubber to make molds with
  • Easy Cast At least 32 Ounces of it. (Two boxes)
  • Paint
  • Green dye or food coloring
  • Some very thin wood like balsa wood. Several long pieces that are about 1/8 inch thick
  • A large piece of paper or poster board

Thoughts and overview of the project

Well, if you never cast a rubber mold before you might be a bit hesitant to do this project. But it really is pretty easy to do. Let me go over the steps.

We are only actually making one half of the sword. Then we copy it twice and put the two halves together. So, make one half of the sword out of an easy material like balsa wood. Then you make a mold around it and cast rubber around it. That makes a mold. Remove the mold. Then pour in Easy cast. Let it dry then take it out. You have half your sword. Pour in easy cast again and let that dry. Voila you have the other half of your sword.

The Materials on amazon:


Smooth-On Silicone Mold Making Rubber OOMOO 30

Easy Cast

Environmental Technology 32-Ounce Kit Casting' Craft Casting Epoxy, Clear

One box of this is not quite enough for the size sword that I made.

Mod Podge

Mod Podge CS11302 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Matte Finish

(This is optional) It is used for sealing the wooden model before casting the rubber mold. You can go without it or you can use something else as a sealant.


Let's Begin- Part 1: Making the wooden model

The glass part of the sword

This is what we are making here. It is the glass part of the sword which is pretty much everything but the handle. There are two halves of it. The half you see here and the other half underneath it. You simply cast those two halves and put them together.


The template drawing

Start by making a full size drawing of your sword on posterboard.


Cut out the sword and tang part and lay it out on your balsa wood or thin wood.

The template


You make three balsa wood pieces for the model. They are made and laid out like this. Number 1 is the largest and it is shown in the picture above. Number 2 is a little smaller by about 3/4 inch all the way around but the same size at the handle. And number 3 is the same size at the handle but quite different. It is just a rib section going up the middle.


How it is assembled

Here is the wooden model.

The wooden model


Now that the wooden model is made you should seal it with something. This way the rubber mold doesn't permeate it or get stuck in it. I used Mod Podge. You can even use plain old white glue to seal it. Just brush it on in thin layers.


Some detail work on this model.

Carve detail work

Do as much detail work on the sword as you like. A couple of key things are the furrows that separate the leaf pattern and the small square blocks on the center spine. The picture and arrows show these two details.

Ok, We have made out model, done the detail work and sealed it. Now lets cast the rubber mold.

NextContinue with the tutorial



This is the video tutorial for this project:



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