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The miniature hoplite

Kaz had this idea about sculpting a miniature hoplite and making all the armor/weapons to go with it. Wow, great idea and he has done it. That is real armor and he even tempered the sword!!

You can see the rest of the gear and how he made it here:

Make a miniature Cuirass and the miniature helmet with the flourish on it. - Make the Miniature Xiphos sword


Kaz has finished the hoplite . Here is what he has to say about the project: Aside from some minor detail work the project is pretty much complete. The Hoplite stands at a foot tall, not including the spear, and weighs almost two pounds. I have to say I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, and also surprised that the small sword project ballooned into a much larger project spanning 9 weeks (and counting!).


Here it is at an earlier stage.


Here it is at an earlier stage:



Make a Miniature Greek helmet with Flourish

Here is another great miniature project made by Kaz. It looks amazing! Make a miniature helmet


Make a Miniature Cuirass (BreastPlate)

Here is another great miniature project made by Kaz. It looks amazing! Make a miniature Cuirass



Make a Miniature Sword (Xiphos greek sword)

This is one terrific little project submitted by a web visitor (Kaz).The sword is about 4 1/4 inches long and actually steel! Wow, This is a whole lot of fun and it looks fantastic! Might even be combat ready because he hardened and tempered it! Make a Miniature Sword


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