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Make a Daedric Helmet


Here is a fun and creative paper mache project. It is the daedric helmet. I have done helmets before.(spartan, iron, magneto). but never one this complex. So it is a bit rewarding. And you don't need a whole lot of materials for this.

I also have a video tutorial that you can watch at the bottom of this page.




The completed Helmet


Daedric Helmet

Can you make this daedric helmet? You sure can! Here is one made by Lemonz247 and AlyssaDoggyDog. My thanks go to them for doing a great job and for sending in the picture!!!


Daedric Helmet

And here is a Daedric helmet made by Jasper! Wow! It came out great.


Daedric Helmet

And here is a daedric helmet made by Felix. Wow it came out great!




cardboard frame

Cut up strips of cardboard and make yourself a frame like this. Make it a little bigger than your head so you have plenty of room.


Add the mouth piece

Add the mouth piece to that frame. What you see here on this side is the same on the other side.

There is also a piece in the center that goes straight up the nose. Notice how this whole mouth piece extends forward away from the face.


Here is a front view of that mouth piece.


Add the top piece

Now add a front piece along the forehead like this. It has the downpointing nose section and it wraps about half way around the sides and about half way over the top.


Here is a side view look at that new front piece. See how the nose points out a bit?



The back piece

Add a back piece around the neck. I don't have a good picture showing it so I drew on this picture so you could see how it goes. It wraps around the whole back neck piece.


The first horn

Now let's staple or tape on the horns. There are six of them and this one here is the biggest one. Get that nice and strong on there.


The horns are attached

Now we can see the remaining horns. There are three on each side.


Here is another look at the horns. And now that I look at it I see it also gives you a good idea of how that back piece is!


NextOk, Lets continue with this tutorial

Or you can watch the video tutorial here:


I have other daedric tutorials:


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