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Blacksmithing Videos

I am creating a series of videos on the art of blacksmithing. You can see these videos and many other videos on my youtube channel. All the blacksmithing videos are here though! Many more are coming. I will take you through the many steps and techniques in smithing including the art of making weapons, swords, and armor.


Blacksmithing 1: Just a basic look at heating and hammering metal (Backyard Blacksmithing on a home made forge)


Blacksmithing 2: Bending and Twisting Metal


Here are all the videos in my blacksmithing series. They include knifemaking and basic blacksmithing skills. This is from my youtube channel and as I post new vids this playlist gets updated.

Here are some of the videos in the playlist:

How to Make a Sword - Complete tutorial

How to Forge a knife Part 1 of 2

Backyard blackmithing on a home made forge

Blacksmithing 2 - Folding, Twisting and straightening

How to make chain mail

Make an easy blacksmith forge

Blacksmithing 3 Drawing out metal

Blacksmithing 4 forming curves and hardy tools

Introduction to the Anvil

Blacksmithing 6 The Basic Hammer Blows

Knifemaking Tutorial 2 of 2

Blacksmithing lesson 7 The Hardy Tools

How to forge a knife 2 of 2

How to forge a sword Part 1 Tang and drawing out

How to forge a sword Part 2 Shaping point, beveling the edge

How to forge a sword Part 3 Normalizing

How to forge a sword Part 4 Grinding

How to forge a sword Part 5 The Handle

How to make a dagger

Make a fullering tool

Make a throwing knife

How to forge a karambit fighting knife

How to forge a medieval great helm

Make a push dagger