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Make a Hatchet out of a Hammer


This is a fun little project and it is quite functional too. If you are like me then you have lots of old hammers lying around. I tend to collect them up. And I am always on the lookout for them at yard sales and flea markets. So, you can always give some thought to how you can reshape the head of the hammer, or even the claw/pean on the other end.

In this case I simply cranked up the forge and reshaped the head of the hammer into a hatchet. I was really pleased at how it came out. There is a really good wedge shape on that hatchet.

Use an old hammer to forge a hatchet

The hatchet head

Blacksmithing: Hot Techniques & Striking Projects


Blacksmithing: Hot Techniques & Striking Projects

These amazing techniques and projects offer a modern twist on a traditional art-and they'll transform your image of the "blacksmith" forever. More and more people are discovering the creative pleasure of going into an iron studio, applying high heat to steel, and hammering or pressing the metal into interesting shapes. While often admired, the process can intimidate novices.but this beautifully photographed book will change that. It provides a superb overview of the fundamentals, including various forms of steel, equipment, and safety precautions. Learn how to create a right-angle bend; form a point, flat end, spiral, and curl; and cut metal using hand tools and a plasma torch. Then follow along, step by step, to create beginner-friendly projects, including a simple trivet, ornamental door handle, wall sconce, and even a metal railing.



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