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Knife Scales

Knife scales is the term for two pieces of material that you use for the handle when making a knife. Generally they are pre-cut and close to ready to use. You would of course trim and shape them to the shape handle that you desire.

When they are wood they are generally two halves cut from the same piece so they match.


There are a lot of excellent materials used for knife scales (knife handles)> Some of the more popular materials include wood, burl wood, micarta, horn, antler, and kirinite.


Premium Micarta Canvas scales -

Tough, durable, resistant to corrosion, acids, oils, heat, cold, moisture, compression and impact. Formed by a special high-pressure process, using layer upon layer of the finest materials available. Can be engraved, carved, or scrimshawed. Easy to cut, shape, and drill. To finish simply sand smooth then polish to a brilliant shine using white or pink rouge on a soft buffing wheel.



Bubinga 3/8" x 1-1/2" x 5" Knife Scale 2-piece -

Woodcraft has brought together the most exceptional stock of domestic and exotic hardwood knife scale blanks â€" 1" thick solid stock or matching 3/8" pieces. Each piece was selected for its striking figure and milled to sizes that make the knife making process easy and efficient with minimal waste. This African species, also known as African Rosewood, is a beautiful dense hardwood with a rose-colored background and darker purple striping.


Texas Knifemakers Supply: Kirinite Knife Handle Scales -

This is the best acrylic material we have ever used. Very durable material with intense depth and color. Easy to work with, just sand and buff to a fine finish.




Black Walnut Wood Knife Scales Knife Handle (PAIR), Knifemaking -

When you buy walnut knife scales from Woodchucks Wood, you are getting premium scales, of beautiful chocolate Black Walnut. All of our scales are milled by the Amish of Wisconsin, so you can trust the wood has been harvested sustainably.



Micarta Canvas Premium Knife Scale -

  • Micarta is tough, durable, resistant to corrosion, acids, oils, heat, cold, moisture, compression and impact
  • Can be engraved, carved, or scrimshawed. Easy to cut, shape, drill, and buff to a glossy shine!
  • Canvas grain has a high contrast, attention grabbing crossthread that adds style on contour cuts.



5 inch Black Buffalo Horn Gold Streaks Scales Handle Set Pair Handles Material for Knife Making

This is a Beautiful Pair of Handle Making Scales for Making a Knife. This is a set of naturally occurring buffalo horn. They will often have natural yellow/gold streaks going throughout them which gives an exceptionally handsome look. They look very impressive and will make a gorgeous handle for your knife. Every set of scales WILL differ in pattern, texture, color and shape. Each is cut from naturally occurring horn/bone.


Rosewood Knife Scales -

  • 5 inch Rosewood Scales Handle Set Pair Handles Material for Knife Making Blanks Blades Knives Rose Wood



Lots More Wonderful Knife Scales right here on


Damascus steel knifeMake a Damascus Steel Knife

Damascus steel is challenging to make. But you don't have to make it for a knife. You can buy a blank and make a knife with it. I show you how in this tutorial: Make a Damascus Steel Knife (I also have a video for it) And I hated to hide all that striated steel under a wooden handle so I made a clear epoxy resin handle so we could see through it.



Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop, Revised

You don't need to spend a fortune to start making fantastic knives. Noted knifemaker Wayne Goddard provides outstanding step-by-step instructions for making your own tools, finding the right steel and forging, grinding and heat-treating knives on a budget.




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