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Dewey's Atlas Forge

I have been emailing back and forth with Dewey who is quite an amazing blacksmith and in particular a knife maker. He has done some amazing work. Well, he was pretty excited to let me know that he ordered an Atlas forge. I was darn excited too. Here you can see some pictures that he sent me of it.

Here is what Dewey has to say about this forge:

Most forges of this quality cost 5 times as much. Larger to me means more wasted gas. I only work one knife at a time anyway. it will do all I need now and I am very happy with it.

He rates it: on a 10 scale I give the atlas 9+ and the only drawback is the lack of pushbutton ignition

Oh and after the forge pictures you have got to take a look at some of his knives below.

If you want to learn more about buying an Atlas forge like this you can check it out on the Atlas website here



An Atlas forge



It is cranked up and hot. Dewey has a railroad spike in there.

Heating steel in the forge


Ten minutes from a cold start is all it took to get this! Nice little forge there!!

A forged knife


Here is an astonishingly beautiful knife made by Dewey in memory of his uncle Jim. It sits on Jim's anvil. Wow, this thing is absolutely amazing. It has a stag handle and the blade is made from german (Mercedes spring) steel. He made the fuller with a home made spring forger fuller. It was made with an extra long handle to fit a man with large hands!

The knife


Here are some knives made by Dewey. He has been making knives for over 40 years now and it shows! They are spectacular and are all forged from either 1084 or 1095. The skinner with the Ambrosia Maple handle is from a Mercedes spring. He also has a great knife making tip for us: Another tip is watch for the shadows in the steel before quenching. it looks like a shadow inside moving around this is the carbon in solution. this is the transformation stage.

The blade

These knives are currently being worked on by Dewey.

Hand made knives








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