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A Wine Glass Terrarium

If you are looking for a small project that won't take too much time to make yet is unique and different a Wine Glass terrarium is perfect. Just a few basic materials and a little creativity is all you need. I had emailed back and forth with a woman (Jenny) who was thinking about doing this project. It's her idea and I just gave her a little advice. Anyway, she completed the project and gave them away as gifts at a Bridal Shower. They really came out fantastic. Thanks Jenny!


Just looking at the pictures will probably give you enough information to make your own but I will go over a few basic terrarium tips to help you out on the next page.

a Basic Wine Glass TerrariumHere is the basic idea for the terrarium. A few potting materials and a cactus or succulent - voila! You are done! If you are new to terrariums this is a perfect project because its small and easy. The container makes it easy too because you don't have much constraint. And using a succulent or cactus means it will be hardy and easy to care for.

You can also use layers of colored sand in this type of terrarium. You just will have to have some consideration for the soil and the nutrition of the plant. I have an idea on how to do this here. Colored Sand In a Wine Glass Terrarium

The picture shows a terrarium that is almost complete. There are a few more touches that will be made to it. I will show you how.






Here are some more pictures: (I love this picture, It shows the nice variety in plants and colors.

Wineglass terrariums


more terrariums

The picture below shows a nice added touch to the base of the wine glass.

The base of the wine glass


Let's Make this Wine Glass Terrarium



20 Gorgeous Succulents in 2" Plastic Pots

  • No two are alike
  • Your plants will be mailed in their 2 inch pots with soil.
  • Fully rooted with many ready to be put into larger pots or arrangements
  • Varieties will vary depending of availability and season
  • Collection of 20 succulents each of a different species


A Moss Terrarium

I have just started working on some Moss terrariums and I have some thoughts, pictures and informatio on them. terrarium is attractive, fun to make and very hardy. Here is a complete tutorial on how to make one. Moss Terrariums


Recycled Bottle Terrarium

Just a few thoughts on recycling bottles and jars into a terrarium

I Maybe it's a little thing but why not recycle and reuse bottles and jars you are going to throw away by making them into terrariums? Here are a few thoughts on this and a picture of a group of easy to make recycled bottle terrariums


Premium Kit for Small Terrarium (Succulent, Cactus, and Fairy Garden)

Perfect kit for a first time terrarium gardener or to give as a gift. Provides the exact amount of the specific "ingredients" necessary to build a thriving small terrarium. Will work for closed terrariums, open terrariums, fairy gardens, as well as with succulents and cactii. Kit includes terrarium potting soil, activated charcoal, two different sizes of semi-polished river rocks, shag moss, and complete but easy to follow step-by-step instructions. The ingredients supplied are in the following approximate amounts: 9 oz. soil; 8 oz. small river rocks; 8 oz. larger river rocks; 1 oz. activated charcoal; 1 oz. sheet moss. Great for anyone wanting to set up a terrarium without having to go and find all the different pieces separately. Please note that the kit does NOT include a container or plants. Please also note that this kit is for a SMALL terrarium. We recommend using a mason jar if you are making a closed terrarium or a container with a 4 - 6" diameter if you are making a succulent or cactus terrarium.