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Michelle's Vivariums

Michelle is an avid vivarium and terrarium maker and she has kindly agreed to share some of her work with us. My thanks go to her for doing this. Here are the projects she has submitted. They include tips on making vivariums, and vivariums with Leopard Geckos, an albino Gecko, and frogs.



Materials for making a vivariumMaterials for making a Vivarium

Michelle gives us a look at the materials she uses to make vivariums including some nice tips. Materials for making a vivarium





Frogs in a vivariumA Frog Vivarium

We take a look at a frog vivariuim and how it is made. Frog Vivarium Includes some great tips on making a vivarium.





Leopard Geckos in a vivarium

A Desert Vivarium with Leopard Geckos

A Desert Terrarium For Leopard Geckos





An Albino Gecko in a vivarium

A Desert Vivarium with an Albino Gecko

A Vivarium for an Albino Gecko




\A Vivarium Terrarium

Half Vivarium/Half Terrarium

Half Vivarium and Half Terrarium





A Terrarium A whole lot of beautiful and small eco-system terrariums

Michelle's Eco-system Terrariums












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