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Pet Terrariums

A pet terrarium is a small eco-system that is built and maintained to house some kind of living creature. Often these creatures are some kind of reptile but there are a wide variety of different creatures and critters that can thrive in a terrarium. If you are considering making a terrarium for your pet there are a few guidelines for doing so. I will go over some of the do's and don't when it comes to this hobby.

The most important thing to consider

Everything about the terrarium should take the pets welfare into consideration. This means the size of the terrarium, the types of plants, location of water and anything else that goes into the terrarium should be checked first. This is the number one rule -think about the needs of the pet.

So, you have to do your research specifically about the pet you have in mind and tailor everthing for it. I recommend you pick up a book or two about the pet.

Some of the things you have to consider when keeping a pet terrarium. This is all about the needs of the pet:

  1. Foods! What is the right type of food for your pet? Does it need to be fed live food like crickets?
  2. Lighting - Some reptiles get their body heat from the sun so you might have to place some kind of a sunlamp in or near the terrarium
  3. Temperature - It is important to simulate the temperature of the natural environment that the pet comes from. Some creatures do well with something called a heating stone or heating mat.
  4. Humidity - Very important for the health of some creatures
  5. Types of Plants - Some are suitable for creatures while others can be poisonous. Yet others will be completely eaten or defoliated by your pet.
  6. Presense and quantity of water - The natural environment for some pets requires swampy water or a section of clear water. Turtles are a good example of this.
  7. Structures - You may have to build certain physical things for the pet. For example a turtle will need some way to easily enter and exit the water.


Some of the More popular pets that can be kept in terrariums:

Some interesting facts:

Choosing a Pet by the type of terrarium you want

You do have some choices when it comes to type of pet if you want to build or make a certain type of terrarium. There are five basic types of terrariums that are suitable for pets and I will review these and give you some suggestions on the critter that can go inside.

Woodland - Salamanders and Ground Skinks

Savannah -Tortoises and some types of Geckos

Desert - Desert Iguanas and Great Plains Skinks

Water - Frogs and some types of Toads

Semi Aquatic - All kinds of turtles including mud turtles; Salamanders, frogs and newts also do well in this environment.


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