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Creative Terrarium Containers

Terrarium container suggestions. Here are a wide variety of containers you might want to use for making a terrarium. The thing about terrarium containers is that once you start thinking about them you will see ideas just about everywhere. And the supermarket is a great place to shop for unique shapes and sizes. And, I have a whole lot of projects that use very creative containers.


Apothecary Jar Terrariums

These Jars make stylish and very attractive terrariums and they are small enough for a beginner with a large mouth for easy access. A web visitor has submitted these pics of apothecary jar terrariums learn more here


Plant Terrarium,Hanging Candle Holder Glass Terrarium (24 pcs)

I really like this. It is a bit small but will make a very unique terrarium.


lightbulb terrarium

Here is another great project submitted by a web visitor and based on my lightbulb tutorial. It is a desert themed terrarium inside a lightbulb. See a larger picture and get some tips on how to do this here: The desert themed lightbulb terrarium


The Upside Down Terrarium

The Upside Down Terrarium

This is a unique little terraium that looks great. It took a few different techniques before I figure out how to do this right without having soil alll over the sides of the glass. learn more here


A Conch Shell Terrarium

A Conch Shell Terrarium - This is another relatively easy project to do and it very much hits the mark that I always talk about. Using creative containers to make a beatiful and unique terrarium. All you need a shell and a couple of plants - The Conch Shell Terrarium



A Note from Will: Wine glasses can be used to make beautful terrariums. And they are not too hard to make. You can give them away as presents. I have a tutorial on how to make them here: How to make a wine glass terrarium


Cognac glass

Riedel Vinum Cognac Glass, Set of 2 For me the Cognac Glass or Brandy Snifter is perfect for a small wine glass style terrarium. They tend to be shorter, squatter and a little bit more durable. You just have to watch the sizes. They can range from 8 ounces to 30. This one shown here is almost 30 ounces.


Glass Vase

Flower Market Clear Glass Vase


5 Gallon Glass Carboy

5 Gallon Glass Carboy If you are looking for a big and challenging terrarium container I recommend a 5 gallon glass carboy. This is what brewers use to make wine or beer in. It is very similiar to what you get when you order water for your home cooler. Can look really beautiful and can be quite challenging because you have to get the plants and seeds through the narrow mouth at the top.


Fish Bowls make good aquariums

Bubble Bowl - Hand Blown Glass


Wardian Cases - These are terrarium containers that are made of wrought iron and sheets of glass. Think of them as three dimensional stained glass objects. The glass is clear for the benefit of the plants of course! If you like this style of container I have a whole selection of them here Wardian Cases


H Potter Six Sided Terrarium

  • Glass terrarium with hinged roof. Also entire glass top/house lifts off. Once planted glass will rest on your soil and/or moss. Cast resin base with geometric detailing will not rust and topped with stately brass finial..
  • Prop open the roof section as shown to allow for a little ventilation when needed. PROPS NOT INCLUDED. Props can be purchased separately.
  • Designed and Manufactured by H Potter. Approximately: 9"W x 12"H. Professionally packaged. NEED A TERRARIUM PLANTING KIT? Simply type in H Potter Planting Kit Small in the Amazon search box above to easily add our terrarium planting kit. You will be ready to go and just need the plants.
  • Constructed with lead-free solder to protect you and the environment.
  • If ordering H Potter's terrarium kit please choose a Small size. Find terrarium planting instructions below under the product description.


H Potter Glass Terrarium Indoor Planter Wardian Case

  • Glass terrarium with hinged roof. Entire glass top/house also lifts off for easy planting and pruning.
  • Base is metal with a dark gray powder coat finish, ball feet and plastic liner. PROPS NOT INCLUDED.
  • Enclosed to use as a terrarium once it is sitting on soil and/or moss (soil not provided).
  • Approximately 10.5 inches long x 8.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches high. If ordering our terrarium kit please choose a Medium size. Find terrarium planting instructions below under the product description.
  • Designed and Manufactured by H Potter. Professionally packaged.