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Glass Terrariums


Fish tanks and fish bowls make perfect containers for terrariums for a few different reasons. First off they are glass so they allow a lot of sunlight. Secondly they are waterproof which means nothing will ever leak out of them. This is important if you need to water your terrarium a lot and it is very important if you want to put some kind of a water fountain or a waterfall in your terrarium. And, a really nice thing about using a glass aquarium is that they come with all kinds of accessories such as covers, lights, backgrounds and pumps. So if you have an old glass aquarium that isn't being used you might want to consider transforming it into a terrarium. I have plenty of projects that show you how this is done. How to make a big glass terrarium


I have an assortment of glass terrariums ranging from half a gallon small ones to some bigger ones and all are readily available. The larger ones are made specifically for use as a terrarium or viviarium.

You can get this nice little kit with everthing including the Air Plant.

Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads Kit with Pebbles and Moss Great Little Houseplant By Hinterland Trading




Or you can get this hanging terrarium and make your own!

Glass Hanging Plant Terrarium Votive Holder 4 1/2" By Hinterland Trading



Plant Terrarium,Hanging Candle Holder Glass Terrarium (24 pcs)

I really like this. It is a bit small but will make a very unique terrarium.


Glass Penny Jar


1 Gallon Penny Jar w/Lid Set/4



Anchor Hocking 1-Gallon Heritage Hill Jar with Glass Lid



Exo Terra makes a wonderful line of terrariums for pets like lizards and animals. I have a large selection of Exo Terra Terrariums and accessories here: Exo Terra Terrariums

Here are some larger Glass Terrarium cases. These are specially made to be used as a terrarium or a viviarium - they allow lots of light to get in, they are perfectly sealed which means you have no worries about moisture or water seeping out and you can put a waterfall or water fountain in them.



exo terra glass terrarium

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 12in. x12in. x12in. - Exo Terra PT2600

  • Front opening doors allow easy access for maintenance and feeding
  • Completely removable full screen top
  • Background with a natural rock look included
  • 5 closable wire inlets on both sides back screen top
  • Extra high fixed front window


Exo Terra Habisphere Desktop Terrarium

  • Stylish & compact design
  • Unique bent front window for optimal viewing
  • Integrates in any home or office
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Energy efficient Day & Night LED lighting


Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit Small With PT2602 - Exo Terra PT2660

The Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit is the ideal set-up for the beginning herpetoculturist! The kit comes with all the components necessary to give your terrarium hobby a successful start - including the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, designed by European herpetologists. The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium features front opening doors, allowing easy access for maintenance and feeding. The full screen top ventilation permits the UVB rays from the compact fluorescent lighting system to penetrate deep into the terrarium. The Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy (included) was especially designed for the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium. This easy-to-install lighting system contains a fixture with reflector for the Exo Terra Repti Glo line of compact fluorescent bulbs.

An instruction manual is included to guide you through the process of installation, decoration and maintenance of this Exo Terra Rainforest Terrarium Kit.


Tips on making a large Glass Terrarium

This page also includes an amazing terrarium that was custom made to fit into a window. Make a glass terrarium tips


Victorian Cloche Terrarium

Cloche Terrariums

This type of terrarium is becoming very popular and a year ago you couldn't find this type of victorian glass bell jar cloche container. Now they are available on amazon.com I have a selection of some of the most popular ones here: Cloche Terrariums