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Terrarium Backgrounds


Terrariums are miniature worlds unto themselves and they can look really great but if you want to really spice your terrarium up you might want to consider getting a background for it. Typically backgrounds are used in vivariums where pets are kept. It just adds to the aesthetics of the terrarium and it accentuates the type of terrarium you have. A good example of accentuation is if you have a desert like environment with some kind of a desert creature in it such as a lizard or a reptile it really works well to add a desert themed background to it.


Buying a Terrarium Background

There are companies that make backgrounds in a variety of sizes that are custom fit for aquarium tank style terrariums. Here are some choices available at Amazon.com


Deep in the Jungle Terrarium Background


Natural Cork Tile Background


Exo Terra Background


Big ARch Background


Some Creative Ideas for Terrarium Backgrounds

You don't necessarily have to purchase items that are specifically manufactured as backgrounds. With a little bit of ingenuity you can find plenty of alternatives. One thing you can do is make your own background using posterboard. Paint it up or draw on it in any way you like. Cut pictures out of magazines and apply them to the poster board.

You can also find a great background by searching through posters. A poster then can be applied to a poster board and voila! You have a great theme based background.

  • Desert Themes as a background

  • Water and Underwater Themes as a background

  • Jungle and Rainforest