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Pictures of Terrariums Submitted by web visitors

Here are pictures of terrariums made by web visitors. If you have made a terrarium and have some pictures send me an email. I would love to post your pictures here!


two part terrariumHere is another picture of a terrarium created by Kelly - . she makes good use of things she finds in salvage places. Here is a terrarium that she made out of a basic candy or candle dish and a light globe just placed over the top to allow room for taller plants.









Here are two terrariums created by Badia A. She shows some great creativity in selecting the container for the terrariums. The first is a shadowbox style terrarium made with a picture frame and the second is a wall sconce style terrarium.


Here are two pictures of a terrarium made by a web visitor (Kelly L.) This is a great example of many of the things I teach you on this website. He has selected a terrific container, beautiful plants, has kept it simple and has added a nice touch with the Indiana Jones figure! Nice job to Kelly and my thanks to him for submitting these pics!


GenieHere is a beautiful picture of a terrarium made and submitted by Gil. He has chosen a very challenging and very beautiful container. I love the shape of this terrarium. He had to carefully consider what kind of plant to put in it because of the unique shape. He made a great choice. My thanks to him for this terrific picture. He calls this terrarium "Genie". It fits :) The shape evokes images of a genie in a bottle.












Two Terrariums by NickThe two terrariums on the right were made by Nicholas K. My thanks to him for these wonderful pics. This is what he has to say about these terrariums. He also has a fantastic tip about using RainX inside the terrarium to keep the glass clear.

"I just built my first terrariums today and afterwords did some searching around online and came across your website. I saw an invitation for me to share my work with you and here is what I have created... (see attachment Project2.jpg). On the left I used a flask (from BBQ sauce), and from top down: venus fly trap, mood moss aka frog moss, sphagnum peat moss mixed with sand, sand, small fish stones, and medium fish stones. On the right I used the plastic cube that the venus fly trap came in (from Lowes) and built a similiar terrarium but without the carnivorous plant. I gained a few good ideas from your website and would like to share one of my own...I use rain-x on the inside of my terrariums since I keep them enclosed to prevent against heavy condensation buildup that would normally prevent me from seeing through the glass. Now I don't know the negative side effects that this may have on the plants but if you care I'll keep you informed if there is any. Enjoy. "

Here is what Nick has to say about the Rain-X: applied the RainX to the interior of the containers prior to adding anything else. Since RainX claims to repell soil as well as water I figured it would keep the glass looking clean if I made any mistakes. The RainX requires a wax on wax off application so it was also much easier to not worry about spilling or disrupting the contents inside by applying as a first step, not to mention I didn't want any of the concentrated RainX to come in contact with the Venus Fly Trap as it surely would have killed at least parts of it. You're probably wondering how I applied the RainX... well I simply wrapped a paper towel around an old tooth brush, and for the areas I couldn't reach I wrapped a paper towel around a wooden BBQ skewer..


Here is a terrarium picture submitted by a web visitor (Chris G.) My thanks to him for the great pic. Here is what he has to say about it:
"it's a 10 gallon aquarium. and houses several native species of plants and insects as well as a grass snake, a brown snake, several snails, a house gecko and a copper ground skink. I am going to make it my winter project to establish a larger (3' long x 2' tall x 2 ' deep) terrarium with an timed mister and waterfall. this terrarium will house green anoles and a few toads."


unique terrarium


Here is a wonderful and unique terrarium created by Badia A. She has contributed many terrariums to this website. My thanks to Badia! This shows a great use of a very unique container.








More Terrarium Pictures submitted by Web visitors are here