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The Fish Tank Terrarium


Just about everbody has at one time or another had a fish tank. Its a fun and inexpensive hobby. But eventually the tank ends up going in the basement!

Well, you can use that old fish tank to make a beautiful terrarium. Here is a picture of one that was made by Badia. My thanks to her for sending in the picture!

And, you can really go all out with something like this because it is water tight. So, you could even fix it up with some water for frogs or other types of water liking critters.


Have some fun with it and if you leave it uncovered you can reallly get a lot out of it. Just be sure to water it daily like your other plants.

Here is what Badia says about making this terrarium:

The Tank is 125 gallons! Because of the size I made it into three leveles and I did not fill all with dirt , I used sheets of Styrofoam and coverd it with plack plastic it serves 2 purposes one one it is not as heavy as dirt the second if the soil is too deep the plants will grow too tall. I still one do other things to it one is a background another i want try to find things to put in the tank something else other than plants i have all winter to play around with that. When I was teaching me and the kids we made a big fish tanks into an ecosystem we made something like a lake and we had fish and frogs I do not remmber everything we did but it was beautiful and the kids loved me for it . i want do the same here but i have a cat I think she will go nuts. if I make any chenges I will send u photos


The Fish Tank Terrarium


terrarium drawing 2


And I have a tutorial showing you how to make something like this step by step. I also include how to add water and an underground den. How to make a fish tank terrarium


55 gallon treefrog terrarium/vivarium with stream and pond:
This terrarium includes a pump that feeds a stream and pond! Nice project submitted by a web visitor including pictures and information on how he made it. The big treefrog terrarium with stream


The Big Screen TV Terrarium!

How's this for a terrarium project! You know those big screen tv's that really don't see much use any more? Flat screens have replaced them. But you can still use one in another way - a terrarium! Great way to recycle something like this. This project was made by a web visitor and I have lots of pics and information about how he did this project. Gotta check this out!! The Big screen Terrarium



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