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Micro Terrariums


Micro Terrarium is a term for a very small terrarium. Typically it will fit in the palm of your hand. A company called Dunecraft makes a series of these terrariums in the shape of an egg. The top of the egg is clear plastic and the bottom is a light brown. These types of terrariums have a couple of benefits. First off they are an inexpensive way to have a little terrarium. Secondly they tend to be reasonably hardy and usually need watering once a week. They also tend to be theme oriented with some kind of an exotic looking plant like a prehistoric looking fern, cactus or fly trap.


Here is what DuneCraft has to say about their Micro Terrariums:

DUNECRAFT-Micro-Terrariums will sprout on almost any window sill as it locks humidity and moisture in. Water once a week instead of once a day! This kit comes with everything including a high quality gernmination mixture. Watch in amazement as your plants sprout and grow. Styles available: Fairie's Favorite Flower Aromatic Eucalyptus Fly Trap Friends Prehistoric Fern Dragon Tree Polka Dot Splash Tasty Herb Egg Pitcher Plant Predators Good Luck Egg Dusty Desert Cacti Grow your own Brain Space Plant Cat's Favorite Plant Butterfly Bush Rocket Plant and Grown your own Pine Tree.

I have a selection of these DuneCraft terrariums at the bottom of this page.


Dragon Tree Micro Terrarium

Micro-Terrariums-Dragon Tree





Desert Cacti

Micro-Terrariums - Dusty Desert Cacti





Fly Trap Fiends

Micro-Terrariums - Fly Trap Fiends





Micro-Terrariums-Rocket Plant







Good Luck egg

Micro-Terrariums - Good Luck Egg





Fairies favorite Micro-Terrariums - Fairies' Favorite Flower






Cats favorite Micro-Terrariums-Cat's Favorite






Micro-Terrariums - Prehistoric Fern






The "Brave" Terrarium

This cloche terrarium depicts a scene from the movie "Brave". Fun little terrarium and it even has a series of blue lights that are the wisps. The Brave Terrarium




Make a Jewelry Box Terrarium

Fun project for kids. Use a plastic container, some costume jewels and moss. Attractive and easy to make. The Jewelry Box terrarium


Tabasco Bottle Terrarium

Want to make a tiny terrarium? Here is a project inside a Tabasco Bottle. It's pretty easy but there are a few things you need to do for this to be a success. Check out the Tabasco Bottle terrarium here