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Mini Egg Terrariums

Mini egg terrariums are kind of neat and they are very popular. A simple little terrarium often with a single plant or maybe just one or two. And they always have a nice little theme. Easy to grow and easy to take care of. They make a nice introduction to terrariums for kids. Here is a selection of some of the popular ones available on amazon.com


Living stone egg terrarium

Rare Living Stone Egg Terrarium Kit - Lithops - Easy!

A perfect example of nature's adaptability. Neat little plants that look for all the world like stones. They are actually Succulents (only found in South Africa), easy to grow and create a great deal of interest. Plus they have spectacular yellow and white daisy like flowers that magically arise from the center of the living stones. Provide very bright, indirect or artificial light and water when dry. A perfect gift for the home, office, apartment or dormatory room.


Lucky Egg Terrarium

Micro-Terrariums - Good Luck Egg

Grow your own good luck! Your shamrocks will start sprouting in as little as five days and will last for years. They are small enough to fit on any windowsill and can last weeks without water in the included egg terrarium. These lucky, fast-growing, and fun little plants are the very same ones that originally grew in Ireland. Lucky Clovers Terrarium by Dune Craft A clever, long-lasting & compact sentiment Complete kit includes: micro terrarium, seed disk, and premium sprouting mixture Approximate size of micro terrarium is 2 x 3 inches Package dimensions: 5 x 7 inches Ages 4+

Faeries Friend egg terrarium

Micro-Terrariums - Fairies' Favorite Flower

Fairies Favorite FlowerMicro Terrarium by DuneCraft Grow your own Lobelia flowers from seed with this new micro-terrarium! Lobelia, also known as the Cardinal Flower, has trailing foliage that grows about 5 inches high and produces beautiful, deep blue flowers. This lovely plant is known to attract hummingbirds and believed to attract good fairies to the garden.Ages 4 and up.These Egg Shaped Micro Terrariums measure 3 inches in Height and 2 inches in Diameter at the center.


Fly trap egg terrarium

Micro-Terrariums - Fly Trap Fiends

Grow your own feared and famous meat eating plants. This kit features the infamous Venus Trap. The leaves of a Venus Fly Trap are covered with fine hairs. When an insect lands on the plant, the pressure on these hairs causes the jaw-like foliage to snap closed, trapping the insect inside. Interact with your Venus Fly Trap every day! Plant it, water it, watch it grow into a carnivorous plant with attractive foliage. Feed it ants and bugs! Watch fascinating plants grow from harmless seeds into vicious bug-eating monsters! Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plants and Watch Them Feed! Complete kit: egg-shaped micro terrarium, seed packet, premium sprouting mixture Approximate size of Micro Terrarium is 2 x 3 inches Package Dimensions: 5 x 7 inches


Recycled Bottle Terrarium

Just a few thoughts on recycling bottles and jars into a terrarium I Maybe it's a little thing but why not recycle and reuse bottles and jars you are going to throw away by making them into terrariums? Here are a few thoughts on this and a picture of a group of easy to make recycled bottle terrariums


A terrarium waterfall

How to make a terrarium waterfall from scratch

I show you how to make a small waterfall that you can put in your terrarium. This is a complete tutorial that even includes a how to video How to make a terrarium waterfall