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The Terrarium Room


Now this is passionate about terrariums! Did you ever wish that you could have a room dedicated to terrariums? It is quite unique and there is an amazing array of creative terrariums here ranging from single plant zen terrariums to sand terrariums and even a large aquarium sized terrarium. And there is an amazing variety of containers which is one of the best things about terrariums. This is Badia's Terrarium room and she has submittted many projects to this website. You can see more pictures and learn more about some of these projects here:





The Terrarium Room


The Enormous Fantasy Terrarium

Step into a magnificent Fantasy Terrarium World. This is a massive six foot terrarium and you have just got to check it out! The Big Fantasy Terrarium




Making a more artistic terrrarium

Terrariums used to be all about creating a small eco-system. This has changed in the past couple of years. Terrariums are now works of living art unto themselves. I have some tips for making a terrarium that is more artistic: Making an artistic terrarium