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The Ten Minute Terrarium

This is a tutorial with video on how to make an easy terrarium in ten minutes. It also includes a video you can watch. I go over the materials you need and what to look for when selecting your container and your plant. This is a nice way to make a simple yet attractive terrarium in no time at all. The video for this project is located at the bottom of this page. A terrarium doesn't have to be complex or hard to be beautiful!


Ten Minute Terrarium picture

The picture at left is the terrarium I make in this tutorial.











The picture below shows the materials needed for this project.

  • A Glass Container
  • A Plant
  • Potting Soil
  • Some pebbles or potting stones
  • Sphagnum or Spanish Moss
  • Some basic long tools like dowels, coat hanger or wooden spoon

The supplies and tools

Overview of Making this terrarium

Step 1: the first thing you should do is select your container. This can be any type of glass container that you find attractive but you should consider a couple of things. The smaller the container the more of a challenge it will be to do. And the smaller the opening of the container the more difficult it will be to do. But, generally, the smaller the container and the smaller the mouth the more attractive the terrarium. Small ones can be very dramatic and attractive.

Step 2: Selecting your plant: There are a couple of things to consider when selecting a plant. First off, take into consideration the shape and size of your container. Is it tall and slender or is it short and rounded? Choose a plant you think will fill the inside of the container nicely and compliment the shape. For this project the container is rounded so I chose a plant that is full and rounded. Also, find a plant that is interesting to look at. Because it is only one plant it is all you have to go on so it should be interesting in leaf shape, overall shape or it should have a splash of color. My plant has beautiful purple flowers.

Step 3: Add about an inch of pebbles or stones to the bottom of your container

Step 4: Add a thin layer of Moss right on top of the stones. This keeps the stones and soil separated. Without this your soil would tend to run toward the bottom of the container and get all muddy.

Step 5: Add your plant either alone or after adding some soil. This will depend on the root ball of your plant and the height you want it.

Step 6: Add more soil to get everything to the right level

Step 7: Use your tools to pack down the soil around the plant so it is nice and firm. This way it is sturdy and the plant will take root nicely.

Step 8: Water it lightly by pouring or by spraying. You can monitor the moisture over the next few days and add water as needed. If there is too much water simply remove the cover for a couple of days so it can evaporate.


Apothecary Jar Terrariums

Apothecary Jar Terrariums

Here are three wonderful terrariums made by a web visitor (Linda D.) Among other things she used peppermint plants and moss which make a wonderful combination. Check out more pictures and some advice here: The Apothecary terrariums


The terrarium Room

The Terrarium Room

Wouldn't this be great? It's like bringing a miniature exotic garden right into the house. It is no doubt a wonderful place to relax and find some quiet time and a little bit of communing with nature. Larger Picture and more here: The terrarium Room