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A Medieval Siege Diorama


This is a terrific series of projects made by a web visitor (Krzysztof O.) The whole theme of the project revolves around the siege of a medieval castle. This includes a Castle, a battering ram, a trebuchet and a Mantlet. ( a mantlet which is large shield or portable shelter used for stopping arrows or other projectiles.) My thanks go out to Krzysztof for making this project and for submitting the pictures for us all to see.


The Massive Medieval Castle Diorama

If you like this kind of large scale medieval diorama project you might want to check out my Massive Medieval Castle project which includes a castle and a working waterfall. It is here: The Massive Medieval Castle diorama project


Small Trebuchet


A Trebuchet and Mantlet


The Battering Ram and The Castle

The battering ram


The battering ram


The drawbridge


The main gate


Peasants house

New series of Tutorials

I have just begun work on a medieval village. This is going to be quite an amazing diorama. I have a main page for that whole project and have completed the first tutorial in that series called How tto Make a Medieval Peasant's House . Go to the medieval village page


Game of thrones diorama

Make a Game of Thrones Diorama

If you are a Game of Thrones fan you might want to check this project out too. It is a diorama of Castle Black and the Wall. And it has a working Elevator that goes up the wall. I have a video tutorial for this project too. Make a Game of Thrones Diorama