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Diorama Boxes

Diorama man gives you a whole lot of different options when it comes to a box for a diorama. You can print one up. You can recycle a shipping box. Or you can buy boxes cheap!

And if you are looking for ideas on what to make your diorama about you are on the right website! I have more diorama stuff than any other website! Once you have figured out what kind of box you are going to buy or make you should go through the menu on the left of this webpage for ideas on all kinds of dioramas.


You can print up my free diorama box

It is a small box that measures about six inches wide, three inches deep and four inches tall. Print it up on card stock. Or you can print it up on regular printer paper then glue-stick it to something thicker like cereal box cardboard or manila file folder.

Empty Tatebanko box

Download it as a pdf right here



Used Shipping boxes are custom made for a diorama!

I ordered something from Amazon and it came in this box which is about 10 inches wide. Cut off the flaps and you have a nice little diorama box.

Cut a shipping box

And you can use the flaps of the box to create a frame around the box. Some frame ideas are a castle or a theatre.

Add a frame around the box

For me there is a wonderful creativity to using an empty shipping box. And your box doesn't have to be the same shape and size as mine. Any box size can be turned into a creative diorama.


Amazon Options

If you need a bunch of them for a group of children or a classroom you can order them in bulk on amazon. And you can also buy the small size box at Walmart. I think they are around 50 cents each.


Amazon small boxesYou can also buy bulk small shipping boxes on amazon with prime shipping. This set of 6x6 boxes (25) are about 17 dollars but check the price on the website.

25 small boxes




I like this little diorama kit for kids it comes with everything you need including the structure of the box.

Bendon Imagine Little Crafters Aquarium Diorama Craft Kit -

Includes: diorama box, 40 sheets of colored tissue paper, 5 plastic beads, string, 4 foam sheets (to make fish), glue stick, sticker sheet, paper sheet (coral reef cutouts)

Step-by-step ideas and instruction booklet with photos and creative suggestions
Engineered to provide a combination of guided activity and open-ended creativity to balance learning and self-expression



If you need a box fast you can run down to walmart and buy a small shipping box for around 50 cents.

Small Walmart box