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Some Tips on Making a WW2 Diorama


If you are making a WW2 diorama or are just interested in the hobby you should watch this video. It has some outstanding tips on how to make this kind of diorama and there are some great tips on how to make a diorama in general. This video was made and submitted by a web visitor. 208stroker. My thanks to him for this awesome video. You can visit his youtube channel for lots more stuff.


Fantastic Tip for general diorama making: Have an old unused microwave oven? Or seen one on the trash? You can take the carousel and plate out of it and use it to put your diorama on. This way you can rotate the diorama and work on it from all angles. This is a neat little tip that he shows us in this video. You could also use anything similiar like a spice rack dolly.

Some other tips he gives us: Using toothpicks to create fences inside the trenches and how you can use small pieces of tree bark, soften them up in water then roll them up and use the pieces to make fences. Nice!

He shows us a little army radio that he made for his diorama out of an old part from a computer.

The biggest lesson he has for us is the lesson of patience. You have to be patient and take your time with diorama building. Pay attention to the little details because details make all the difference in how your diorama will come out.


How to build dioramas How to Build Dioramas - Looking for a good book on how to build Military dioramas and how to paint the models, tanks, airplanes and other things? This book is terrific. I own it and love it.





How to build armor dioramas How to Build Armor Dioramas - Award-winning modeler Lynn Kessler leads, photo by photo, through the steps of building detailed armor vehicles and displaying them in a realistic scene. Topics include beginning and advanced kit assembly, designing a diorama concept, modeling and painting figures, finishing details and more. Perfect for beginner to advanced modelers.




Terrain Modelling Terrain Modelling (Modelling Masterclass) - This title helps modellers who wish to display the results of their efforts to the best advantage in a diorama. This book provides detailed information on how to create many different types of terrain; the paints, glues, tools and materials that will be of help to the modeller; and how these can be obtained both in Europe and the USA. Illustrated with some 200 photographs and written by a master of diorama modelling with a lifetime's experience, this book provides the essential and invaluable guide to the materials and techniques needed to create top quality terrain for anywhere from Ancient Rome to the Western Front.