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An Amazing Christmas Lord of the Rings Diorama

I received these pictures and some information about this simply amazing lord of the rings diorama that someone made. Just as a plain LOTR diorama is is fantastic but the builder took it the extra mile and made it a Christmas diorama complete with Gandalf as Santa Claus. it is simply fantastic and a whole lot of detailed work. The Builder of this diorama is Mario Weiss and my thanks go out to him for letting me know about this fantastic diorama. I have included the pictures and some of his notes about how he made this.


Mario opened up a 40K warhammer fantasy table top club and one of his friends owns a toystore so they bought materials through the store and use the diorama in the window of the shop. It really is that good!

What he has to say:

So my Idea was to create a "Lord of the Rings"   Christmas Diorama including a Great Battlescene and as a funny Joke I   painted Gandalf as a Santa Clause cause with his Robe and his hat he is predestinated to be a Santa:-) You just have to paint it the right   way. The Diorama is called "The House by the Mine" and thats pretty   much what it is. To finish it it took me 280 Hours including   painting every single Minature and build every single Detail with Balsa Wood. But like i said. I'ts my first panorama so the next ones   going to be a lot better. Your webpage gonna be a big help for me   cause you got a lot of great ideas (I like the Tutorial of the 300   Diorama).