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Tutorials on Water in Dioramas

Water in a diorama is one of the best looking things. But it is also one of the most challenging things.

Here are my various tutorials on water effects in dioramas. They cover a lot of territory including fake water and real water.

If you like to watch videos I have a youtube channel with a whole lot of diorama making videos right here: Diorama making videos



Waterfall in a diorama

A Waterfall in a diorama

Actually pretty easy to make a great looking waterfall if you know the right tools and techniques. I have it right here: Make a waterfall in a diorama

Inexpensive way to make water in a diorama T

These pictures and this tutorial was submitted by a web visitor (Ryan) He gives us some tips on how to inexpensively make water in a diorama. He uses caulk and paint. And in this naval scene diorama he even adds the water spouts for dropped bombs! Water in a naval diorama


The Battle of Thermopylae (300) diorama

The Battle of Thermopylae where the 300 Spartans made their last stand. I have also transformed it into a tutorial that shows all the basics of how to make a diorama. This also includes information about how to make the water effects along with a video. The Battle of Thermopylae Diorama


Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7: Water Effects, Make the Moat

The next installment of the massive castle siege diorama is done. In this part we add the moat around the castle. Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7



Medieval Castle Diorama

A Video of my six foot Medieval Castle Diorama - This video shows my diorama which has a working waterfall and lights in both the castle and the evil mountain. Medieval Castle Diorama Video


How to make a Whirlpool diorama

This is a wonderful little project made by a web visitor. It has a ship being pulled into a whirlpool. Easy and effective technique! How to make a whirlpool in a diorama.

Controlling a real waterfall

If you want a real waterfall in your diorama here is a nice tip for you that will help control the water so you don't get a lot of splashing. Controlling a diorama waterfall


A terrarium waterfall

How to make a terrarium waterfall from scratch

I show you how to make a small waterfall that you can put in your terrarium. This is a complete tutorial that even includes a how to video How to make a terrarium waterfall While this tutorial is technically for a terrarium it is actually a small diorama unto itself. It shows you how to use a little pump to make a real waterfall.


Boat Mill DioramaAn amazing Boat Mill diorama -

A Boat mill is a Mill that floats on a river. This is a terrific diorama with some amazing water work (submitted by a web visitor: Vic) See pictures of this diorama here: The Boat Mill Diorama


Make a foam based diorama with a river
This is a great diorama submitted by a web visitor. It shows all the steps taken to make this wonderful scene from the past on the Mississippi River. The Diorama


( You can also watch the video just below, or check out the pumps and waterfalls you can buy)




Video on how to Make water Effects in a diorama:

Here are all diorama making videos:


Simple Fountains Simple Fountains

What's more soothing than the sound of moving water? Redirecting a stream to run through your home or office may not be practical, but tiny, reliable electric pumps make it possible for you to create a small, indoor tabletop fountain; install a spouting sculpture in your backyard; or even build a full-size waterfall on your property.

This new paperback edition of Simple Fountains gives you illustrated, precise, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for building 20 aesthetically interesting waterworks at a fraction of the cost you'd pay for those found in upscale catalogs. Using readily available materials (Adkins even includes hints for finding suitable recyclable materials) and simple crafting techniques, you will learn to custom-design your own water-filled masterpiece.In this beautifully designed, inspiring book, Adkins reviews the types of materials you can use for your fountain, including wood, bamboo, ceramic, stone, and copper. She discusses accessories such as flowers, shells, bonsai trees, sculpture, and fish. And she recommends specific products that will make you happier with the finished product (small magnet-driven fountain pumps, for example, tend to be the quietest on the market). Even if you consider yourself non-crafty, Adkins's can-do attitude will give you the confidence to build a beautiful fountain for any corner of your office, home, or garden.


Submersible fountain pump Submersible Fountain Pump For Creating Your Own Indoor Fountain-Pumps Water Up To 34 inches

Fountain pumps for indoor use are great for dish gardens and other small container type water features. This terrific and compact little indoor pump will amaze you with its high quality and power. It's less than 2-1/2 inches long but it can pump water to a maximum height of 34 inches and a maximum flow of 120 gallons per hour. It is designed with a built-in adjustable flow control. and it is furnished with a variety of fittings plus 3 feet of clear tubing, a set of instructions and a limited warranty. The pump has a set of rubber suctions cups on the bottom to keep it in place and it comes with a 6 foot black cord. Overall measurements are 2-1/4" long, 1-3/4" wide and 2" high. For hundreds more craft, art and hobby products be sure to visit our National Artcraft Storefront. We have the creative component you need


Indoor Fountain Pump It's Easy To Create An Indoor Fountain With This Compact, Reliable Pump

Make your own indoor dish garden, tabletop fountain or other small water feature using this reliable little pump. It raises a column of water up to 24 inches and pumps 70 GPH. Simple in construction and low in cost, it is fully submersible and requires no lubrication and almost no maintainence except for an occasional cleaning. Included with the pump is 2 feet of flexible tubing to attach to the outlet. The pump features a built-in flow control, a 4-1/2 foot, two prong cord and it only uses 6 watts of energy. It measures 2-1/8" long X 2" wide X 1-1/2" high and carries a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Suitable for use in small indoor designs as well as small aquariums, this sturdy pump will provide years of service. For hundreds more craft, art and hobby products including other fountain pumps for indoor or outdoor use please visit our National Artcraft Storefront. We have the creative component you need.



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