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Aerotech Model Rockets

Aerotech is a manufacturer of a lot of great model rocket equipment and supplies. And these are a lot more serious than the Estes rockets. Estes is the industry standard and they have been supplying a line of rockets and accessories to the hobbyist for a very long time. But if you want to move up and get more serious about your rocketry then you probably are looking into Aerotech. Their rockets are bigger and their engines are stronger. Their biggest claim to fame is their powerful composite engines. They make one time use engines and Reloadable engines as part of their RMS system.


When you think of model rockets you probably think of the typical Traditional rockets. These are usually about a foot in size and are very inexpensive to launch. The engines would cost around 1-2 dollars each.

Once you start thinking about moving into the bigger and more power rockets you are now moving into what is called Mid-Power Rocketry. These have engines in "E" through "G" sizes and they fly higher than traditional rockets. And the engines are more expensive. Aerotech is the #1 manufacturer of these rockets and engines. And they are not typical black powder propellant. They are made up of a compsite propellant which is more powerful.

How high can they fly?

While a typical introduction rocket in the A-D range can get you 500-1000 feet. The Aerotech rockets can get you to stunning heights of 2,000 to almost 4,000 feet! This will depend on the rocket and the engine used.


The Mirage

The picture at left is an example of an Aerotech rocket. It stands at a whopping 87 inches which is over 7 feet. And this rocket can fly up to about 1300 feet.

Some Aerotech Products

Getting Started with Aerotech - They do have a starter set that comes with almost everything you need including a rocket. You just have to buy either one shot engines or RMS engines.

Initiator Systems Pack, RMS This is the Initiator Rocket Starter Set with 29mm Reloadable Motor System from Aerotech Consumer Aerospace.

/ / FEATURES: A perfect first big rocket that is constructed of cardboard with plastic nose cone a 29mm Reloadble Motor System E, F, G, rocket motor hardware / Precision airfoil molded fins with Fin-Lok fin mounting system / Labyrinth ejection gas cooling system / Flies to 2000' (610m)

INCLUDES: Initiator rocket kit (AROT9011), Mantis launch pad (AROT9281), / and Interlock launch controller (AROT9381) / Decals / / REQUIRES: Aerotech E through G reloadable use motors, see COMMENTS / / SPECS: Length: 39"" (99cm) / Diameter: 2.6"" (67mm) / Nose Cone: 5:1 Ogive / Weight: 14oz (400g) without motor / Fins: 3 swept with cranked leading edges / Stages: 1 / Motor Mount: 29mm / Recovery System: Parachute


Mantis Launch Pad The Mantis is perfect for flying both mid-power rockets (E, F, G) and small model rockets (A through D) as it accepts 1/4", 3/16" and 1/8" launch rods. Mantis makes loading a rocket easy with a swing-arm that can lower the launch rod to a horizontal position. Loaded rockets sit well off the ground for comfortable igniter hook up. Mantis is the only midpower rocket launch pad that allows launch rod elevation and azimuth adjustments to be made without having to pick up and move the entire launcher. Mantis come with a two-piece 1/4" diameter launch rod.



Arreaux 43 Our trademark rocket. Pronounced "aero," the Arreaux's payload section makes it perfect for lofting altimeters, accelerometers, and other experimental projects. With "G" powered flights approaching 3000 feet, this rocket cranks!

HV Arcas 56 This replica is 60% the size of the actual highvelocity Arcas sounding rocket and features precision molded fins, authentic decals, a data plate and detailed engineering blue-print.


Mirage 87 For those who want to fly a really big rocket, the Mirage is it! Lift-offs are impressively slow and realistic when this 7 foot monster roars off the pad on "G" power. Recovery is on two big nylon parachutes. 


Quest Aerospace Novia Model Rocket Value Pack (25)

The Quest Novia features laser-cut balsa wood fins which glue directly to the body tube. Each Quest Novia comes with a paper cradle that students can quickly assemble to help hold the model rocket when the fins are drying. This is a big help in getting those fins to dry straight The Quest Novia works well for groups where time is not a critical issue (it will take 24 hours for the fins to really set) and where the motor skill ability of the group is at the middle school level or above.Color coded parts make identification easy for your students.The Novia uses the famous Quest Kevlar shock cord system that anchors directly to the engine mount. This system is far superior to other manufacturers rocket kits that use a flimsy paper mount that is difficult for kids to assemble.No hobby knife is needed for assembly. The balsa fins are laser-cut and the yellow engine mount tube is pre-slit.


Engines and reloads

Aerotech E15-4 Single-Use rocket engine that is the same size as the Estes D12, but with TWICE the power. So your rocket will fly twice as high in the air. This rocket motor works great with bigger model rocket kits, like those from "DynaStar Mid-Power Model Rockets."


Aerotech G104T-M Reload (1/pk) Propellant for Reloadable Rocket Motor case: RMS-29/100. CASE is NOT included. There are several aluminum rocket motor cases that sound similar, but may not work with this propellant kit. Contact us for additional help in choosing the correct product.



A Launch video of the Mirage