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Make the Estes Express Rocket

The Estes Express rocket is a little bit different than most of my other rockets in that it is a two stage rocket. Yup, it has two engines and they fire off in sequence. This gives it a lot more power and gets it to go a whole lot higher.

In this tutorial we will take a look at how it works and we will build it step by step. It is available on right here: Estes 1302 CC Express Flying Model Rocket Kit


THe completed rocket


Its a two stage

This gives you a look at how the dual stage rocket works. Each set of fins (one set black and one set red) has an engine in it. The lower engine fires first and when it is completed the second engine fires.

Tape the engines together

You achieve this by taping two engines together. The first engine is ignited and burns. This propels the rocket up. Just as the engine stops burning it blasts a secondary burn toward the other engine, thus igniting that. That engine then propels the rocket even further up.

Here are the tools and materials used for this rocket.

The materials and tools


A look at an engine mount

Here is a look at the first couple of things that you do. You assemble the two engine mounts. One for the first stage and one for the second stage.

Mounts in the tubes

This picture shows the engines mounted into the primary and secondary tubes. I have also started working on the fins.

The two engine mounts are a bit different so watch for this in the instructions, and install the right ones into the proper tubes.

Cut the fins out

So, next we go ahead and cut out the fins with a hobby or xacto knife.

Sand the fins

We sand any burrs that occurred during removal and round off the leading edges. These long edges are the edges away from the tube.

The leading edges

This picture shows those leading edges. These are the edges you sand rounded a bit.

The fins glued on

Now you glue the fins on.

The fins are nice and straight

Get those fins at nice right angles to each other. While the glue is setting you can move them a little. The straighter you get these the straighter the rocket will fly.

NextOkay, let's continue with this rocket build



Estes 1302 CC Express Flying Model Rocket Kit

Move up to extreme, high altitude flying with the multistage CC Express. This extremely fast, high performance, two-stage rocket has two engines, each used during different portions of its flight. Each stage (engine and support unit) is dropped when it ignites the engine in the stage above it. This gives the rocket super high flights. The CC Express has blistering performance and great looks and features a one piece body tube, molded plastic nose cone and laser cut balsa fins for easy assembly. The self-stick decals will make this high altitude specialist a real stand out at any launch site. The CC Express is a must have for any rocket enthusiast looking for ultimate, high flying excitement. Requires tools, finishing supplies, Estes D engines and 3/16" (5 mm) Maxi Launch Rod - sold separately. Recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12.


Handbook of Model Rocketry, 7th Edition (NAR Official Handbook)

The classic guide by the "father of model rocketry"-revised and updated for the twenty-first century


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