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How to install an engine in a model rocket

This is a tutorial showing you how to set up and install an engine into a model rocket. It's an easy process!

You probably got an engine pack like this. It has three rockets, some igniters and some plugs.

Open that pack up.

Take out an engine, a plug and an igniter.


The plug and the igniter might be in a chain of other ones. Just cut one of them right off so it is all by itself.



Insert the igniter all the way deep into the hole in the engine.


And bend the igniter over like this.


Insert the plug into the hole. This plug holds the igniter firmly in place.


The plug is firmly in place. It looks great.


Now you can slide it into the rocket.


And then pull it back a little bit, if needed, to rest it right up against that metal clip which is the engine hook. That hook keeps the engine in the rocket.




Estes B4-4 Rocket Engine


Estes 2274 Recovery Wadding





A3-4T Model Rocket Engines (4)


A8-5 Standard Engine (3) HAZ


B6-6 Engine


C6-5 Standard Engine (3) HAZ


Estes D12-3 (3 ea) Model Rocket Motors - 1666


E9-8 Engine Pack 3 Pk



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