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The Estes Wizard rocket

If you are looking for a really easy model rocket to build yet you don't want something that will snap together in 2 minutes then the Estes Wizard might be the rocket for you. It is pretty easy to build yet you still get some of the rocket building experience.

The Estes Wizard Rocket

Estes Wizard Rocket Kit - 1292

You have to cut out and glue the fins on and you have to do some other basic assembly things to it. It's a great first rocket to make and its very small and very fast.

Also - It comes with a streamer rather than a parachute and I like this option because if you are flying rockets for the first time parachutes can be unwieldy to pack and they can cause your rocket to float off quite a long distance. With a light rocket like the Wizard a streamer will break its falling speed well enough and allow it to fall close to where you launched it - no chasing after it, particularly on a windy day.

Here is a video showing step by step how I make this rocket.

Some further notes about this rocket for beginners.

This is a very inexpensive and easy to build and launch rocket. You can get the complete kit for just a few dollars but this isn't the only thing you have to get! You also have to get an engine for it (or several engines) and you have to get a launching pad. So, if you are just starting out in the hobby of model rocketry you need to take these expenses into consideration.

Here is a picture of the built and painted rocket:

The completed Estes Wizard Model Rocket

How long will it take you to make this rocket?

It will only take you about an hour to make this rocket but there is some glue drying time that will extend that. Depends on how long the glue takes to dry. I would say that you can start this project in the evening and be ready to launch it the next day.

This rocket is reasonably easy to assemble and it comes with complete instructions but I have taken pictures of how I assembled it and you can use my instructions here:


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