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Large Model Rockets



Large model rockets is pretty easy to determine. There are basically three grades of rockets:

1. Traditional rockets - These are the fun stuff rockets that are easy to build and launch and can fly up to around 1,000 feet depending on the rocket used and the engine used.

2. Mid Level Rockets - Now we are starting to talk about some big rockets. The determining factor for this level rocket is the engine. While the traditional rocket engines are A thru D this level of rocket is E thru G. And that is a lot of power considering that an E engine is twice as powerful as the D engine. This level of rocket can achieve heights of upward around 4,000 feet!The premiere company that makes these rockets and engines is Aerotech. I have more about aerotech here The Aerotech rockets can range anywhere from three to seven feet in height. These mid level rockets are more of a challenge than the traditional ones. If you are new to the hobby you might want to start out with the traditional ones.

On this page I have some examples of Large Model rockets both in pictures (that you can buy) and in videos that you can watch.

Here are three of the most popular Aerotech rockets. These give you a good idea of the size variations. The number after the name of the rocket is the height in inches.


Arreaux 43 Their trademark rocket. Pronounced "aero," the Arreaux's payload section makes it perfect for lofting altimeters, accelerometers, and other experimental projects. With "G" powered flights approaching 3000 feet, this rocket cranks!

HV Arcas 56 This replica is 60% the size of the actual highvelocity Arcas sounding rocket and features precision molded fins, authentic decals, a data plate and detailed engineering blue-print.


Mirage 87 For those who want to fly a really big rocket, the Mirage is it! Lift-offs are impressively slow and realistic when this 7 foot monster roars off the pad on "G" power. Recovery is on two big nylon parachutes. 

Large Model Rocket Launch Videos

This first video is of the Aerotech Mirage. It stands 87" tall.


This is the Aerotech Barracuda which is 56" in Height.