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Model Rocket Videos

These videos are general videos of rockets launching or from onboard cameras. I also have a section of tutorial videos for model rockets



Here is a new video of me launching another rocket in a snowstorm. This time I didn't use a white rocket!

Here is a video I made of a rocket launch in the middle of a New England Snowstorm. I lost the rocket in the snow. Never use a white colored rocket in a snowstorm! Paint it black!


There are rockets that come with on board video cameras which will give you video you can watch on your desktop or laptop computer. Here is a video from one of these rockets. This onboard video type of rocket is very exciting.

Here is another of my Oracle rocket launch

Here is the Big Bertha rocket assembly and launch:


unboxing the Oracle rocket


Model rocket Launch and Assembly


The Hi Flyer Assembly and Launch


How to Make an Easy Model Rocket


How a Model Rocket Works


How to assemble a rocket launch pad

I also have some videos of Aerotech rocket launches. These are large rockets!