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The Estes Amazon Model Rocket

It comes with complete instructions but here is an overview. Make sure you take your time and follow all the instructions carefully -particularly when you are building the engine mount.

This is a plastic style rocket. It is very easy to build and stands three feet tall. I built mine in 15 minutes flat and if you have no experience building rockets you should be able to do it in less than 30 minutes. But you should note that you will need Plastic cement and regular white glue to make this model. You should also have some kind of a sharp hobby knife just to trim some of the plastic.

The plastic fin assembly

One thing that makes this rocket stand out above many others is the fin configuration. Cutting and gluing the balsa wood fins on a rocket , which is what is normally done, can be a bit of a challenge. It is often the hardest part of any rocket build. But this rocket is plastic and it comes with a single piece fin assembly that is simply glued into place. So if you don't want the fuss of gluing fins you might want to give this rocket a try. It goes together real fast and you can be launching in no time at all.


The Tandem X Rocket Kit

Tandem X Launch Set Estes Rockets The Amazon is one of the two rockets that comes in the Estes Tandem X Kit.


Testors Model Cement

Testor Plastic Cement The Amazon Rocket is a pretty easy rocket to build. It is one of the more modern types that is mostly plastic so there is no worries about cutting out balsa wood fins. The fins and engine mount are plastic and easily assembled into the rocket with plastic cement.


About the Estes Amazon Rocket


Building This Rocket

This picture shows all the parts that come with the Amazon rocket.

You should carefully inspect and look over all the parts and read the instruction sheets before beginning. This gets you familiar with the parts and allows you to check make sure nothing is missing or broken.

The instruction sheet that comes with this rocket is very complete and easy to understand. I will show you some pictures of the assembly and point out some key points.


Glue tube together

You glue the halves of the rocket tube together and you use the launch rod to make sure the launch guides line up.

Glue the shock cord into the tube

Put together the shock cord assembly and glue it into the rocket tube.

GLue the Tail assembly together

Assemble the tail fin assembly and glue it into the bottom of the tube. Some parts get glued and other parts don't! So read the instructions carefully. This is where the rocket engine will be installed. The black ring holds the engine in place.


parachute assemblly

Put together the parachute assembly and attach it to the shock cord which you had previously glued into the inside of the rocket tube.


You gently stuff some fireproof wadding into the top of the rocket then insert the parachute and cap it off with the nose cone. Your rocket is almost ready to launch.


Attach the stickers and you are done! Ready to insert an engine and fire this thing off!



The picture below is of the completed rocket.