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The Estes Cosmic Cobra Rocket



The Cosmic Cobra Model rocket by Estes is a bit of an unusual rocket in that it has a unique nose cone recovery system. It has a helicopter like recovery. The nose cone, unlike most rockets, separates from the body of the tube and comes down on its own by means of the spinning helicopter like blades.

The rocket itself is extremely easy to build, being mostly plastic, and you can complete it in less than half an hour. It is also a larger than average sized rocket so it doesn't generally fly real high which makes it easy to recover both the rocket and the nose cone


The Cosmic Cobra model rocket



The helicopter nose cone

This picture shows the Helicopter nose cone. This spins as it descends.

It is available on Amazon here: Estes 1262 Cosmic Cobra Flying Model Rocket Kit



This tutorial comes complete with a youtube video showing the launch and the complete assembly of this model rocket.

How to Assemble this Rocket

This is an easy assembly and it will only take you about half an hour. There is no painting required for this rocket which makes it even easier.

Materials and tools

Open the package and inspect all the materials according to the parts list. You should have everything listed. I also have here in the picture what tool and materials you need. You need plastic cement, white glue, scissors, a hobby knife and some sandpaper.


Glue the Fins Together


Use the Plastic cement and glue the two halves of the fin assembly together.


Glue fin assembly into the tube

Now glue the fin assembly into the rocket tube. Apply the glue to the inside of the tube then assemble. Do not put the glue on the fin assembly - it will just be scraped off as you insert the assembly into the tube.


mount the launch lug

Next mount the launch lug onto the tube of the rocket. You measure four inches from the fin assembly and this is where the launch lug starts. The assembly instructions that come with this rocket show you exactly how to do it. Make sure it is glued down nice and strong.


The Blade Ring Assembly

Now glue the blade ring to the nose cone of the rocket. There is a notch in the blade ring that lines up with a notch in the nose cone.


The Shock Cord Assembly

Cut out the little template for the shock cord. This is on the assembly instructions sheet. And glue it to the shock cord.


Install the Shock Cord Assembly

Next glue the shock cord assembly into the body of the rocket. Set it about one inch deep into the body. Do not glue it right to the edge.


nose cone assembly

Now assemble the helicopter blades onto the nose cone assembly. This can be a bit tricky and there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Follow the instructions carefully when doing this stage. You can't really ruin anything in this step. If you do it wrong you can disassemble it and reassemble it.


The parachute assembly

Now assemble the Parachute by tying it to the shock cord assembly. You can now fold it up and after inserting a few pieces of recovery wadding into the body of the rocket you can roll up the parachute and insert it right into the tube. Pay careful attention to how you roll the parachute. The instruction sheet shows you the best way to do it. It will make a difference in how the parachute deploys after launch.


The Completed Rocket

Insert the nose cone helicopter blade assembly into the body of the rocket. Put the engine mount onto the other end of the rocket and install the decal. This rocket is ready for an engine and launching.

Have fun!