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Make the Aerospace Spaceloft Rocket

This is a fun little rocket to build and fire. It is also a bit different than most rockets in how small and sleek it is. You can't buy this rocket as a solo pack, you buy it in a twelve pack. It is available here on Estes UP Aerospace SpaceLoft Rocket Bulk Pack (Pack of 12) And also available on the Estes Website here.



The Aerospace Spaceloft


Interesting thing to note about this rocket is that it is very thin! So you have to use only specific rocket engine sizes. Here is the list from the Estes website: 1/2A3-2T, 1/2A3-4T, A3-4T, A10-3T

Estes 1/2A3-4T Rocket Engine


Here is a look at the tools needed for this project:

The tools used

Assembling the Nose Cone

Cut the clay in quarters

The kit comes with a clay weight. Divide it into four quarters. You will be using three of these quarters.

put the clay in the nose cone

Roll three of the quadrants each into a thin snake then pack all three into the nose cone.

The clay in the cone

Here is the clay packed into the nose cone.

Put glue on the nose cone

Put some glue around the inside edge of the nose cone.

Put the cap on

Then push the nose cone insert right into the nose cone.

Put it in a doorway

Now we mark the tube so we know where to put the engine hook. A doorway is perfect for this and just about every rocket kit does it this way. Measure down from the end 1-1/2 inches and 8-3/4 inches.

Make a slit

At each of the marks you made, cut a slit in the tube. The slit goes side to side like shown here.

Each slit is about 1/8 inch wide.

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Estes 1/2A3-4T Model Rocket Motors Bulk Pack (24 ea)

This item has special shipping requirements. Please see our shipping information page for more details. The Estes 1/2A3-4T engine is single stage engine designed for successful model rocket flight. This engine is a mini engine designed for flights in lightweight rockets. Contains 24 engines, 30 igniters, 24 patented igniter plugs, and 75 sheets of Recovery Wadding. These packs may be used for some of Estes multi-stage rockets. Whether you are launching rockets at school with students, at a youth group activity or rocket club monthly launch, Estes engine bulk packs are a must.


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