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The Patriot Rocket

This is a fun and very popular rocket. I show you here the steps to building it. It is a 1:10 scale of the actual Patriot rocket.



the tools and supplies

You just need a few basic supplies like sandpaper, ruler, pencil, scissors, sharp hobby knife, masking tape and wood glue for the fins.

The assembled engine mount

The first thing we do is assemble the engine mount. This will go into the rocket and it is what holds the engine in place.

It is a little bit tricky but follow the step by step instructions that come with the rocket.

The rocket tubes assemble

This is a big rocket and there are three tubes that go together end to end to make it! Two parts are labeled "A" and one part is labeled "B" . B is the yellow one.

Finish the tube assembly

They are glued together with red inserted tubes labeled "G".

The fin guide templateNext we need to mark where the fins go and where the lug launch goes. There is a guide in the instruction booklet. You cut that guide out and tape it to the rocket.

Mark for the fins

You use that guide, placing the rocket tube in a doorway, marking the lines for the fins and the launch lug.

NextOk, let's continue building this rocket


Estes 2056 U.S. Army Patriot Flying Model Rocket Kit

The mother of all air defense missiles, the Patriot dominates the skies. This classic 1:10 scale model rocket is derived from the U.S. Army's M-104 and features precision die-cut parts and genuine Patriot decals. This kit is easy to construct and finish. Includes a FREE Operation Enduring Freedom Decal.


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