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Tutorials on Model Rocketry



Video Tutorials:

  1. How to Assemble the Estes Launch Pad
  2. How model rocket engines work

Introduction to Rocketry and what you do
If you have never built and launched a model rocket but want to know what it is all about and what you need and need to do I have a nice introduction to model rocketry here It shows you the three stages of rocketry, what you need to get, how you build your rockets and how to launch them. Just a nice overview of the hobby.

Assembling the Standard Estes launch Pad - There are two basic sizes of launch pad. The beginner pad is for engines a thru d and this is the most common. This tutorial shows you how to put one together

A look at engines and how they work - with an explanation of the numbering system for rockets

ESTES ROCKETS - Complete tutorials with pictures and videos on how to make and launch these rockets

The Tandem X Rocket Kit


The Estes Tandem-X Kit - This tutorial shows you what you get in this kit. It includes two rockets. This kit is a great way to start out with this hobby. It gives you everything you need, including launching pad. Well, you have to add batteries and purchase engines.

The Estes Alpha

Assembling and launching the Estes Alpha Rocket - This is a small and very fast rocket. It is one of the highest flyers.

The Cosmic Cobra

Assembling and launching the Estes Cosmic Cobra Rocket.- This rocket has a unique helicopter blade spinning recovery system for the nose cone.

The estes Crossfire

Assembling and launching the Crossfire Rocket - This is a typical cardboard tube and engine mount rocket. This tutorial takes you through the steps of assembling one. This is the traditional style of rocket.

The Estes

Assembling the Estes Wizard Rocket - This is an easy to assembly and fun rocket. Looks great.

The Amazon Rocket

Assembling the Amazon rocket - This is a more modern style of plastic rocket with plastic fins and engine mount. This tutorial shows you how to assemble one. This is a huge rocket. It stands nearly 3 feet tall.