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The Estes Oracle Digital Video Rocket


Oracle Digital Video Rocket Estes Rockets

See first hand what it looks like from your rocket's point-of-view to be blasted off and then recovered. The easy-to-use video camera lets you capture digital movies from liftoffs to landings. Save the movies to your laptop or PC using the included software and USB cable.



Some thoughts from Will about this rocket. I have done two launches with it and can offer you a little help and advice if you are thinking about buying it.

Connecting the rocket to your computer is pretty easy. It comes with a CD so you can load the software. But, it doesn't work with all operating systems. I have a computer with Windows Vista and this rocket will not work with that. I also have a computer with Windows XP and it is fine with that so you might want to check with estes to make absolutely sure it works with your system. They do have the software for a free download on their website so you can actually test it before buying.

And, one little thing you should know is that the camera only holds one video at a time so you have to download that video to your computer or laptop before you can take another video. And you have to leave the camera on until you get it home or you lose the video. Turning the camera off, even after making a video will delete the video in memory.

The resolution of the camera isn't terrific but it is ok and it does really work. You will get 30 seconds of video with it.

Aerial shot

What you do is turn it on then press the start button. It has a beeping timer that lasts for 15 seconds which gives you time to get settled and ready to fire the rocket off. Then the beep goes solid and you launch the rocket. It will video for 30 seconds. And on one of my launches I used a D 12-3 engine and that gave me perfect timing. I had a couple of seconds on the launch pad and it continued to video all the way through the landing of the rocket.

The picture shown here is an actual pic from the rocket. You can see the building and the various cars and trucks.


This is a bigger than normal rocket and definitely heavier than normal so you have to use D size engines with it! But wow, these engines are powerful. You will be stunned when you launch one for the first time.

A rocket engine

Estes D12-3 (3 ea) Model Rocket Motors - 1666


Two ways to video:


There are two ways to aseemble the nose cone. In one way it will take video of the ground while it is going up and take video of the parachute as the rocket descends. But you can also hook it up so that it takes video of the ground on the way up and video of the ground on the way down. This second method is the way I hooked it up and you can see this in the videos





This is an introductory video showing me unbox this rocket.

About assembly of the rocket. This rocket is mostly prebuilt and it is very easy to put together. It will take you about 15 minutes. The point of this rocket is for the video and not so much for the rocket building experience.

All in all for the price paid it is well worth the fun factor and the rocket is durable which means it should get lots of launches.

Here is a fun edited video where you see the launch from two perspectives both inside the rocket and outside the rocket.