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The Estes Hi-Flyer Rocket



Picture of the Hi Flyer Rocket


The picture above is of the Estes Hi-Flyer model rocket that I built for this tutorial. This is a fairly easy to build rocket and if you have built rockets and have trouble setting the fins in place you might want to consider giving this one a try. It has bigger and more solid fins. One whole length of each fin is glued to the body of the rocket. this makes it a whole lot easier to glue and build. I also have a video showing the launch of this rocket and the full assembly. It is approximately 9 minutes long: Video: The Hi Flyer Launch and Assembly


This rocket is available on Amazon Hi-flier Rocket Estes Rockets

This is an assembly procedure that shows you how to make this rocket.


Contents of the Kit

This picture shows everything that comes in the kit. You should take it all out and inspect and inventory it to make sure you have everything and nothing is damaged. This also gets you familiar with the rocket and the parts.

The instructions that come with this rocket are complete and accurate. This tutorial will help by giving you pictures of how to do it.



The nose cone comes in two pieces. You apply some glue and assemble them together.

Sand the fins

The Fins are the most challenging part of this build. That is almost always the case with building a rocket. But, this rocket has a really nice fin configuration which makes it easier and more stable than most.

Gently sand those fins down, back and front just to smooth them out and remove any burrs.


Cut out the fins

Using a very sharp hobby knife gently cut out the fins.

Sand the fins again

Stack all three fins together and sand them as a single unit as shown in the picture. Sand all the edges all the way around. The reason why you stack them and sand them together is because you want them all to be the same size and shape. This will insure a good flight trajectory. If the fins are different sizes it could cause the rocket to fly crooked.


Apply the fin template

Cut out the fin template and gently tape it to the rocket as the instructions show. This is so you can mark up the rocket where the fins and launch lug will go. Once you have the markings you can remove the fin template.


Let's continue with this tutorial