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How to Build the Estes Wizard Rocket Part 2 - finishing up

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the rocket by making the deployment system and painting the rocket.


Now let's assemble the Shock Cord

Glue the shock cord

Cut out the the shock cord mount (Its a trapezoidal shaped pattern in the instruction sheet) apply glue to it and place down the end of the shock cord then fold it up as shown in the directions.

Now glue the shock cord mount approximately 1 inch into the top of the rocket tube. This is the end where the nose cone will go and you push it in about 1 inch so it doesn't interfere with the insertion of the nose cone.


Inser the shock cord and glue in place


The shock cord glued in place

The shock cord is mounted in the tube.

Tie the streamer and nose cone

Now tie the streamer about two inches from the loose end of the shock cord. The tie the nose cone to the very end of the shock cord.


Insert streamer and nose cone

Fold the streamer twice the roll it into a neat cylinder and insert it into the rocket tube and place the nose cone on top.

Paint your rocket

Your rocket is completed! The only things you need to do are paint it then apply the decals. I painted my rocket with a spray chrome color so it looks pretty science fiction. You can paint it any way you like. Use spray paints or brush on paints. The sky is the limit - excuse the rocket pun there!

Finally - apply the decals as shown on the packaging for the rocket.

The completed Rocket

Here is my Wizard Rocket - it is painted and the decals are applied. It is ready to launch!

Amazon has this rocket at a very inexpensive price if you are looking to buy one:

The Estes Wizard Rocket

Estes Wizard Rocket Kit - 1292

Remember: You are going to need rocket engines and a launch pad. I have them here, They are available at at great prices. My Model Rocket Store