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Dioramas while Traveling

If you follow my youtube channel or website you know that I spent the summer of 2018 traveling all of america. That was a wonderful adventure for me. You can check that out here. But... this page is about the fact that while traveling I encountered a lot of dioramas! Yay! I have them listed right here on this page for you.


Glass Dioramas at the Corning Museum of Glass

I went to the Corning museum of glass in New York mostly for the telescope stuff. Corning has a long history of making telescope glass both for refractors and large reflectors. And I was very surprised (and pleased) to see that there is a long history of diorama making in the glass world! Woot! Here are some pictures of the beautiful glass dioramas at the Corning Museum of Glass.


Coal mining diorama

Coal Mining Diorama

While on a visit to the Anthracite Heritage Museum in Scranton Pennsylvania. (which is devoted to coal and coal mining) I ran across this diorama of a particular type of coal mining. Cool diorama which inspired me to make a dungeon project. Check out the coal mining diorama here. The horizontal layout of this diorama is unique and interesting. The Coal Mining Diorama


Maine Lobsterman Diorama

While I stopped at a rest stop and tourist information center on the highway outside of Portland Maine and spotted this diorama of a lobsterman harvesting lobster. Kind of cool. Check it out here: The Maine Lobsterman Diorama - The use of a sheet of lexan to delineate the surface of the water is a neat idea for this diorama. This way you can see both above the water and below it.



Grand Canyon Diorama

The Grand Canyon Diorama

I spent time at the Grand Canyon. And while there I found a beautiful diorama in one of the observation posts. Amazing, and accurate work here. Check out more pictures.


Montezuma's Castle Shadowbox Diorama

Montezuma's Castle Shadowbox Diorama

I took a trip to Arizona. While there I stopped at a place called Montezuma's Castle. It is a historic landmark. And at the site they had a wonderful shadowbox of the castle. See more here


Gandhi Dioramas

The Gandhi Dioramas

While on a trip to India I was roaming around the Gandhi Museum when I stumbled into a room full of dioramas depicting Gandhi's life. Wow, wonderful find. Learn more and see some pics here. The Gandhi Dioramas


Will Travels Medieval America -

Will is on a quest to build a castle. And as part of this he has embarked on an adventure across America visiting castles, blacksmiths, meaderies, museums and all sorts of medieval places. You can follow along on the adventure! Yes, there are castles in America and Will is visiting them!! Check it out here: Medieval America