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Why should you make a diorama?

There are a whole lot of different reasons why you should make a diorama. For me the number one reason is because it is fun to do. I love diorama making and have made so many of them.

But there are other valuable and important reasons why you should make a diorama. Let me outline them for you.




Capturing a Moment in Time

A diorama is a 3d depiction of moment in time. This is a big deal. You can pick a story or a moment in time from a book, from a movie, from history, from a story, or even from your own life. It is a very effective thing to do.

Here is a good example of a diorama displaying a moment in time. It depicts the 300 Spartan soldiers standing at the hot gates of Theremopylae just like in the movie 300. See then on the left with their spears in the air? (I have a full tutorial on how this diorama was made right here)

A diorama of the Battle of Thermopylae in Greece


Here is another terrific diorama that shows a moment in time. It is a cattle drive. It's an amazing diorama and it was made by a web visitor (Luis). You can see more pictures and learn how this diorama was made right here: The Cattle Drive Diorama

A diorama of a Cattle Drive


A time or place in History

This is another great reason to make a diorama. People are fascinated by history and there are a lot of remarkable or memorable periods of time. A diorama can actually show, in three dimensions a little slice of time in History. This can be very effective.

This diorama depicts a medieval village from the 16th or 17th century.
You can see more of this diorama here.

A diorama of a Medieval Village


This diorama shows a very distinct time and place in history. And it is shows the furthest away place in history! You can see more of this diorama here. (Note that this diorama also very qualifies as a moment in time. Man is taking his first step on the moon. )

A diorama of the first man on the moon



Show an Exotic Location

There are a lot of exotic locations on the Earth that are very suitable for dioramas. This next diorama shows an elephant at an african watering hole.

Wildlife Diorma: Elephant at the Oasis



To Explain something complex like a system or eco-system

This diorama is located at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is an accurate representation of the canyon. It explains to the viewer a lot of information about the river, the canyon and how it is formed.

A diorama of the grand canyon


Or this diorama that shows how Native Americans lived in a pueblo styled community over 500 years ago. I have more about this diorama here: The Montezuma castle Shadowbox

A diorama of a native american pueblo


Maybe you don't want to make something complex like these dioramas. Maybe you want to make something that is simple yet still shows one or more of these properties. I have a whole lot of tutorials that can help. Check them out here:

Shoebox Diorama of a knight and dragon


Make a Shoebox Diorama

I have easy tutorials with different themes including dragon, space, rainforest, ocean and more Shoebox Diorama Tutorial is here


Paper 18th century diorama

In the Eighteenth century this type of layered diorama was all the rage. It is composed of six layers to give the perception of depth. I spotted one in a museum and decided to make one. But... rather than making the scene of an 18th century garden I decided to use photographs from my travels to make the Biltmore gardens from the famous Biltmore Castle. Make an 18th century diorama.


Easy Diorama Water Tutorial

New: Make Diorama Water with Elmer's Glue Gel -

No more concerns about getting specialized materials to make terrific water effects in a diorama. I use two Elmer's products to make a River, a Waterfall, a babbling stream and a lake. The diorama I make is Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth.


Make miniature trees

How to Make Miniature trees from Household materials

Miniature trees are expensive. But I have a nice alternative. You can make them with three materials: Brown paper, a kitchen sponge and glue. And they come out great. Make Miniature Trees


Simple Diorama

Make a simple diorama

This is a great project for kids. You need a small box, glue stick, scissors and a magazine. That's it. I show you how to make a simple diorama.


Space Diorama

Space Diorama (Shoebox)

You can make a fun Space diorama where the astronaut is floating in space. I give you all the artwork. And you don't even need a shoebox. I show you how to make one out of cardboard or foamboard. Make a Shoebox Space Diorama