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JTT Scenery Products

JTT is a company that makes a whole bunch of wonderful terrain materials for dioramas, railroads and scenery. I love their stuff. It has a nice detail to it and is priced really well. Hobby Lobby often carries JTT Stuff. So, if you have a hobby lobby nearby it might be worth a trip to check the stuff out.

You can also go directly to the JTT Scenery Products on Amazon right here: JTT on Amazon

Here is a selection of some of my favorite JTT Stuff on Amazon.

They make a series of materials that come in little packets. I like them because you get a good selection of them at a bargain price.

Fall Foliage Branches


Dry leaves foliage branches






They also have turf shakers:

Having the turf in shakers like this is a big help. You can apply glue to the terrain then carefully shake out turf.

Green Turf


Autumn Blended Turf


And they have a wonderful selection of great looking trees.

Some tips when purchasing miniature trees:

First, the type of tree varies a lot. So decide what kind of tree you want like an Oak tree or a Beech tree etc. Secondly take a look at the size of the miniature tree. They vary and sometimes people don't notice. Typically they start at 2 inches tall and get as large as 6-8 inches tall. So get the size that is right for your diorama or railroad.

Finally, Some of the kits on amazon are completely built trees and ready to go. Some kits (usually less expensive) are kits where you get the foliage and the tree armature and you have to do it yourself by gluing the foliage to the armature. So look for that when making a purchase.


Professional series Live Oak Tree


Professional series Beech tree


Deciduous Tree



Woods Edge Trees


Woods Edge Fall Trees


Phoenix Palm trees