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World War II Dioramas

Here is a listing of my various dioramas and models that take place during WW II. Not all of these are mine though. Many of them have been submitted by web visitors.


World War 2 Diorama

How to make a WW2 Diorama

This is an in depth tutorial with videos on how to make a WW2 diorama. I use 1/72 Scale How to Make a WW2 Diorama It also includes several youtube videos so you can see exactly how to do it all.


New Diorama in Progress: WWII European Theatre

A Web visitor (Jeffrey) is building a large European Theatre diorama and is keeping us updated on the progress and on the toolsl The European Theatre Diorama


German Machine Gun In a Doorway

This is a very details diorama depicting a German Machine Gun crew on the steps outside a doorway. Steve has taken a lot of pictures of the process so you can see how to make something like this. German Machine Gun in a Doorway


"Gotcha Moment " 82nd Airborne Diorama

This is a remarkable diorama that has some amazing distinctions. It has the special effect of sound. And Luis used air-drying clay to make that amazing vegetation. You have got to check this diorama out. More pics with tips/techniques for you: Gotcha Moment



German Mortar Team in the Snow

Did you ever think that bicarbonate of soda would make great snow in a diorama? Well, if you did then you are right! Frank uses it in this diorama. Amazing scene with a mortar team, bunker and half-track. Check it out right here: German Mortar Team in the Snow


"Changing of the Guard" A Trestle Bridge Diorama

This is a terrific diorama made by a web visitor (Steve). It depicts the changing of the guard on a trestle bridge and it has some amazing details including natural terrain and soldiers under the bridge. The bridge itself is hand-made from balsa wood. Check it out here:Changing of the Guard Trestle Bridge Diorama


"Fields of Fire" A machine gun emplacement

This is another terrific diorama made by Steve. It depicts a machine gun emplacement and Steve hand built just about everything. He even modified some of the soldiers. He shows us the techniques he used to make this diorama. Check it out here: Fields of Fire Diorama


The road to Berlin diorama

The Road To Berlin

Glen shows us how he builds a diorama like this and takes us through the steps including casting the plaster building in molds and adding the figures. It is a beautiful diorama if you want to make a military diorama this tutorial will show you how. The Road to Berlin



This diorama depics a ruined street scene in Europe. Steve used a kit for the building and Tamiya miniatures for the figures. The rubble is custom made from found materials. Ruins -WWII Diorama


Base Camp

This is a nice little diorama depicting several soldiers at a base camp. Steve bought a kit and then decided to remake it with natural materials. It's a great idea. Check it out here: Base Camp



church Ruin diorama

Church Ruin

Glen walks us through the process of making a diorama like this. He shows us how to cast the walls in plaster using rubber molds. This is a nice scratch built work. Check it out here: The Church Ruin Diorama


D-Day Diorama

The D-Day Diorama

It was a day like no other. A day that changed the war and the world. John has made a diorama about it. Check out the pictures and information here: John's D-day diorama


UDT Boat and Frogman Diorama

This is a dramatic and powerful diorama with some amazing water effects. Learn how to make something like this and see more pics here: Check out more pics here.


A Horse Called Panzer

A Horse Called Panzer

This is a terrific little diorama that is simple and very detailed. You can learn how to do something like this and see more pictures right here. Never made a military diorama but want to? You can start with something like this, one or two figures on a base. A Horse Called Panzer


UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama

Luis' UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama

Before they were Navy Seals they were called Frogmen. A web visitor (Luis) has created an amazing diorama with incredible detail. He tells us how he made it, how he achieved the water effects and more. (And we have lots of pics) Check it out here: The UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama


Weekend Liberty! Jeep Diorama

Here is a terrific little diorama with a Willy's Jeep. This diorama was made by Rod and it was special because he actually owns a real Willy's Jeep. See pics of this and the real Jeep here: Weekend Liberty Diorama


In this tutorial I show you how a plastic model tank is made and I also show you how to make a neat little diorama to go with it. Easy project called "Crossroads". Make a tank and diorama (includes a video)


The generals Diorama

The Generals

This is a wonderful little diorama that is actually mounted on a piece of the tree that Eisenhower planted at Musgrove Hospital in the UK. Check it out here.


German BMW Motorcycle Diorama

This is a great little diorama made by a web visitor (Cristinel) It uses a couple of Tamiya models. And he shows us the steps in making a diorama like this. Make the German BMW Motorcycle Diorama

Using old wooden picture frame to make a wonderful diorama base

You can pick up some wonderful picture frames from the dollar store or used item store and turn them into some really elegant dioramas. Here glen shows us how to do it with a machine gun and mortar team. Picture frame diorama bases


Iwo Jima

This is a fantastic little diorama of an ambush on Iwo Jima. John brilliantly uses Volcanic rock to make an impressive battlefield scene. Check it out here: Black Sand Hell: Ambush on Iwo Jima


Germans at Rest Diorama

Here is a another diorama made by Glen. He captures a moment in time where: Germans are at Rest


How to make War Torn City Ruins

Here is a nice little tutorial by John where he shows you his techniques for making great looking city ruins. How to Make City Ruins


For the Motherland, for Stalin!

This is a simply designed and laid out diorama that has a great look. Four Russian army figures and part of a destroyed building. Check it out right here.


Amongst the Ruins in North Afrika

Amongst the Ruins in North Afrika

This is a simple vignette diorama depicting a German Afrika Corps communication soldier operating a radio. Of note in this diorama is how the use of color can give an excellent sense and feel for a place (Africa). Amongst the Ruins in North Afrika



Todd's WWII Diorama

Here is another terrific diorama made by Todd. This one is a WWII diorama. Check out more pics here.


Desperate Allies Diorama

German and American troops are forced to work together in a desperate attempt to fight off the onslaught of an undead army! A great blending of WW2 diorama and fantasy diorama! You have got to see this one! Desperate Allies


Luke's Normandy Diorama (Panzer)

Luke has made another neat little diorama and took some amazing outdoor pictures of it Check it out right here


Grizzly Bear Model Tank

Building and Weathering a Tank

Here is another tutorial by John. He makes a German Brummbar (Grizzly Bear) step by step and shows us some fantastic weathering techniques. If you like military models you should check this one out. Building and Weathering a model tank


ww2 diorama

Some New Dioramas from Kits by Steven -

Here are some nice WW2 Dioramas that show a good use of kits, how to enhance them and how to display models. . They include a ruined building scene, a Spitfire and Adolf himself. WW2 Dioramas


ww2 diorama models

Tutorial: How to make a World War 2 Diorama

- Using 1/72 scale I make a tank battle diorama. I take you through all the steps from the models to making the terrain. How to make a WW2 Diorama


The European Ruined Workshop Diorama

Airfix makes a terrific Ruined Building in 1/72 scale. Glen has turned it into a bustling little diorama complete with soldiers, vehicles and local people. The European Ruined Workshop Diorama



Tiger Tank -Bastone

Here are some pictures of a Tiger Tank in Bastogne - Submitted by Guest Modeler Rodney. My thanks to him for these pics and the terrific tip on how to handle tank tracks. Tiger Tank in Bastogne


Tiger Tank

Here is a brief tutorial showing you how to make a 1/72 Scale Tiger Tank Revell Model. This tank is part of my Tank Diorama project: Making a Model Tiger Tank


Sherman Tank

1/72 Scale Sherman Tank

- This is a brief tutorial on making this Revell Sherman Tank. This is part of my How to Make a WW2 Tank Diorama Tutorial. The Revell 1/72 Sherman Tank Model


Painting German Soldiers

Tutorial on Painting German Soldiers.

These are 1/72 Scale soldiers and I walk you through the process and give you some tips on how to paint them. How to Paint Miniature German Soldiers


Tutorial on Painting US Soldiers:

I show you some color schemes and tips on how to paint WW2 era soldiers in the 1/72 scale How to Paint US Soldiers


Ardennes Frontline Breakthrough Diorama featuring a Graveyard

Glen takes us through the making of this diorama step by step with pictures.
Ardennes Frontline

Hell in the Hedgerow

Glen shows us some new techniques in the dioram including how the baes can nicely accentuate the terrain in the diorama and how you can make nice tank tracks in mud . Hell in the Hedgerow


The Winter Wall Diorama

Glen scratch built this diorama and then did an amazing job of turning it into a snowy scene. See pictures of this project and learn about adding snow effects. And learn how to scratch build a realistic looking wall The Winter Wall Diorama


Here is a couple of terrific videos. The first video is a 1942 Tiger 1 Tank battle of the bulge...bastonne...1944 and the scale is 1/16th. The paint job is outstanding and the detailing is great.The second video is of a waffen SS soldier with an MG-42 Machine Gun. The scale is 1/16 and this is a perfect example of how to make a trench in a diorama. WW2 diorama videos

How to Make Trenches in a WW2 Diorama (Video Tutorial) Here is a tutorial I made on how you can easily make trenches in a Diorama.

Plastic Model kit

How to Build Plastic Models - Making plastic models is a lot of fun. Here are some solid tips and techniques for building Scale Plastic Models that look terrific. How to build scale plastic Models


WW2 Diorama by Tom

Here is a nice WW2 Diorama made and submitted by a web visitor (Tom M.) My thanks to him for submitting this to the website! You can see more pictures of it here: Tom's WW2 Diorama


WW 2 Diorama by a Guies

Here is some more great information with pics and techniques on making a World War II Diorama:

The World War 2 Diorama


Here is the wonderful trench warfare diorama made and submitted by Alika. Thanks Alika for the great pics and the information on making a wonderful diorama!


World War 2 Diorama

Here is a World War 2 Diorama made by Ryan and his Grandfather. He improvised some nice materials like the Tank Barricades. See more pictures here


A Russian Front Diorama This is a diorama made by a web visitor (Tom M.) My thanks to him for submitting this project and the pics. You can see more pictures here: Russian Front Diorama.




Will's Book on Diorama Making

How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

This books shows you how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas using many commonly available tools and materials. There are over 100 pictures and illustrations showing you how to make great dioramas in fantasy and medieval styles. Chapters include basics, water effects, terrain tips and special effects like electricity and small motors. Tutorials include how to use foam, plaster of paris and paper mache to make great looking dioramas.