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The Technique of Salting a model

Salting is a great, and easy, technique for aging the paint on a plastic model. In this tutorial Steve shows us how to do it.

Steve has lots more dioramas on my website. You can check them all out here: Steve's Dioramas


Salting a model



Salt applied to the tank

The salt crystals is a technique called salting. After the base coat has dried, water is added to certain areas and salt added. Allow to dry thoroughly. The left side of the turret and frame were also salted. When dry add another coat(s) to the vehicle. I used a standard three color pattern of dark green, dark red brown, and of course the dark yellow.



The salt effect is complete

When satisfied with the overall painting of the vehicle and it is dry, gently brush off the salt and you will have a mottled pattern that shows the original base coat like the overcoat(s) have worn off. You can see that on the turret.






How to Make Military Tarps, Canvas and Canopies

Here I show you techniques for easily making a wide variety of canvas, tarp and canopies for your military diorama. With these techniques the materials look flexible like they should but they are firm and durable for your diorama. How to Make Miliktar Tarps, canvas and canopies for your diorama