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Steve's Dioramas

Steve used to make dioramas in High School and now, years later he has returned to the art. And he has been kind enough to share them, and some great techniques, with us. My thanks go to him for it!

On this page are his various dioramas and tutorials about dioramas.

Panzer IV Diorama

Steve has taken a series of pictures as he built this Panzer diorama so you can get a look at how to make something like this. And he has taken a series of very realistic photos with effects. Check it out right here: The Panzer IV Diorama


German Machine Gun In a Doorway

This is a very detailed diorama depicting a German Machine Gun crew on the steps outside a doorway. Steve has taken a lot of pictures of the process so you can see how to make something like this. German Machine Gun in a Doorway



The Abandoned Stug

What do you do if your dog eats your diorama? Well, you transform it by creating a new diorama with an aged, weathered and abaondoned tank! Great idea, and some great techniques for aging a tank! Check it out here: The Abandoned Stug Diorama


Bocage Diorama

Bocage Diorama

Great little diorama with some amazing perspectives and looks through trees and brush. Wondering what a Bocage is? Check out this diorama here.


Fur Elise Diorama

This diorama depicts a destroyed German Heavy Armored Car. It is also an interesting design and layout in that it makes use of vertical space. Something we tend to overlook when making a diorama. Steve has lots of pics for us including pics and information during the process of making it: Fur Elise Diorama


A German Half-track Diorama (Sd.Kfz)

This is a terrific little diorama depicting an action scene of German soldiers jumping off a half-track. A well captured moment of action. Check it out here: A German half-track diorama


New:"Prowling" A German Panther in tall grass

It is a straight-forward diorama in a simple grass scene. And the secret in this scene is the painting, detailing and aging of the tank. Steve shows us howe to achieve some great results: Prowling


New:"Salting" a Model

It is a great technique for getting a weather-worn look on a plastic model. It is easy to do and Steve shows us how. The technique of salting a model


"Changing of the Guard" A Trestle Bridge Diorama

This is a terrific diorama made by a web visitor (Steve). It depicts the changing of the guard on a trestle bridge and it has some amazing details including natural terrain and soldiers under the bridge. The bridge itself is hand-made from balsa wood. Check it out here:Changing of the Guard Trestle Bridge Diorama


"Fields of Fire" A machine gun emplacement

This is another terrific diorama made by Steve. It depicts a machine gun emplacement and Steve hand built just about everything. He even modified some of the soldiers. He shows us the techniques he used to make this diorama. Check it out here: Fields of Fire Diorama


Mini Tutorial: How to Make Military Tarps, Canvas and Canopies

Here I show you techniques for easily making a wide variety of canvas, tarp and canopies for your military diorama. With these techniques the materials look flexible like they should but they are firm and durable for your diorama. How to Make Miliktar Tarps, canvas and canopies for your diorama



This diorama depics a ruined street scene in Europe. Steve used a kit for the building and Tamiya miniatures for the figures. The rubble is custom made from found materials. Ruins -WWII Diorama



Here is a straight forward diorama in the jungle of Vietnam depicting a squad on patrol."68" Vietnam diorama


Base Camp

This is a nice little diorama depicting several soldiers at a base camp. Steve bought a kit and then decided to remake it with natural materials. It's a great idea. Check it out here: Base Camp


WWI German Soldier Diorama

This is a single figure diorama depicting a German soldier. One of the great things about a diorama like this is all the fun detail painting you can do with it. Check it out here: WWI German Soldier Diorama


Viking Miniature

The Viking

There are lots of great resin miniatures out there. Some you can paint, some you assemble and paint. But one thing you can do is modify them and improve them. This is what Steve has done with this resin miniature of a viking: The Viking Miniature