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Military Diorama's depicting various time periods and countries

There are the more conventional world war and vietnam dioramas. But I have a whole lot of other war time dioramas depicting scenes of battle from many time periods and places. I have them listed for you here and they span a couple of thousand years and the whole globe.

New: Rhodesian War Diorama "Selous Scouts on the Hunt"

The Rhodesian War was from 1964 to 1979 and the Selous scouts were a famous special forces regiment in the Rhodesian Army. Check it out here:Selous Scouts on the Hunt


"Dragoons of Angola" A Moment of Peace in a time of war

This is a large and very detailed diorama showing mounted Portuguese Troopers (Dragoons) during the war in Angola. It is another amazing diorama made by Luis. See lots of pics and get some good tips on how to make something like this. He also made significant modifications to the soldiers to make them more accurate. The scene depicts the troopers during a quiet moment with Angolan wildlife including elephants and crocodiles. Check it out here:The Dragoons of Angola Diorama


NZ Army Diorama

Glen makes an amazing diorama with layers of terrain. He uses polystyrene and air dry clay to shape the terrain. And he shows us a neat technique for using a hair dryer and air-dry clay to create the terrain shape. The NZ Army Diorama


Civil War Diorama

A Civil War Diorama

Here is a nice little Civil War diorama submitted by a web visitor (Tony) It is about a foot in size and Tony uses some nice scratch built techniques. He explains some of his techniques and you can see more pics here: A Civil War Diorama


A Walk in the Park

This is a hand made diorama depicting a forest warfare scene with a group of Portuguese soldiers. It is set in north-western Angola and the foliage is hand made. This is an award winning diorama and you can check it out right here. A walk in the park diorama


Williamsburg Diorama

This diorama depicts the British occupation of Williamsburg a week before the battle of Yorktown. The Williamsburg Diorama


The Battle of Grunwald

I love everything medieval and I love everything diorama. So, you can imagine how crazy I am about this medieval diorama. It is the Battle of Grunwald


Colonial Times Diorama - This is an excellent diorama that shows you some great techniques like buildings, variety of landscape, water and more. (This diorama was submitted by Charles B.) The Colonial Times Diorama




300 Diorama

The Battle of Thermopylae (300) diorama the Battle of Thermopylae where the 300 Spartans made their last stand. I have also transformed it into a tutorial that shows all the basics of how to make a diorama. It is not complete yet but there is quite a bit of great diorama making information there. The Battle of Thermopylae Diorama